Hustle Culture Sucks: A Study on Balance Culture in Hair Professionals



Hustle culture is a workplace movement that glorifies intense productivity, ambition, and financial success. It’s glamorized by social media entrepreneurs who overwork on purpose – and then boast about it – because, to them, there’s always something better.

They preach that in order to succeed, you have to push yourself to your limits. And when you think you’ve worked your hardest, work harder. This is especially true in the hair industry. To discover how the industry operates under hustle culture, Schedulicity surveyed independent stylists, salon owners, and booth renters.

Hustle culture isn’t welcome, but it’s here. 

75% of hair professionals say that hustle culture is toxic.

Most hair pros agree that the all-or-nothing mentality isn’t healthy. 

However, 76% of survey-takers said they feel pressured to do more, be more, or hustle more in their careers.

Stylists consistently push themselves too hard. 

According to Schedulicity’s survey, stylists knowingly perform toxic work behaviors regularly: 

  • Self-sabotage. 66% of stylists say they set too-high expectations for themselves every day. 
  • A lack of boundaries. 53% of surveyed hair professionals said they respond to clients immediately. 
  • Overcommittment. 49% of stylists said they regularly stay late, after business hours.

Hair professionals don’t prioritize self-care.

Despite taking care of others, hair pros don’t take care of themselves.

47% of survey-takers said they do not prioritize their self-care. 

Social media is harmful. 

53% of respondents said they do not feel good about their life after scrolling through social media. 

High self-standards, overbooked schedules, and unnecessary competition are a dangerous combination. Fortunately, the glamor of overworking is losing its shine.

Here’s the good news: 

Anxiety is less common. 

54% of survey-takers said they don’t feel stressed, burnt out, or anxious at work. 

Disconnecting is the first step to self-care.

66% of hair professionals said they feel like they can disconnect from work.

Hair professionals are taking more time off.

59% of hair professionals said they take enough scheduled time off of work. 

In fact, many hair stylists are turning to technology, like booking apps, to help manage their busy schedules and take time off.

Here’s how a salon booking app helps you find balance behind and beyond the chair:

Create Boundaries with Policies

Scheduling apps, like Schedulicity, have customizable policies to help stylists protect themselves, their business, and their client relationships. Policies are written boundaries that clients must acknowledge before making an appointment. 

If a client doesn’t acknowledge your policy, they can’t book with you – saving you the guilt trip or an awkward conversation.

Schedule Personal Time Off

Sometimes, a much-needed break requires scheduling in advance. More stylists are using booking apps that allow them to block personal time off on their calendars.

They’re becoming temporarily unbookable – and truly taking a break. 

Automate Client Communication

Hair stylists often fear that a lack of constant communication seems like bad service. If their client picks up on it, they’ll walk away. 

It’s a vicious cycle, but fortunately, there’s a solution: Automating client communication.

Booking apps, like Schedulicity, have automatic appointment reminders and confirmations via text and email. Clients get a text with appointment details and respond CONFIRM. Schedulicity adjusts your calendar without the back-and-forth communication. These self-sufficient booking apps also give clients the ability to cancel or reschedule their appointments on their own.

Schedulicity notifies you of the change and adjusts your calendar – either moving or deleting the appointment – without double-booking.

Avoid Overbooking

Almost 30% of stylists said they regularly overbook their calendars with appointments. 

Scheduling apps are made to help you keep your calendar in control. Your calendar should not control you. With Schedulicity, you set your business hours as soon as you sign up. Because clients book themselves online, they’ll never be able to book an appointment outside of the hours you set.

This immediately avoids overbooking you.

To learn more about hair stylists and hustle culture, check out Schedulicity’s full report, and for all things booking, check out their app.

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