I Cleaned Up My Skincare Routine with Versed


With the recent rise of clean beauty brands, I have become more aware of the parabens, sulfates and other potentially harmful chemicals that are used in skincare products. When I first heard about clean skincare line Versed and their mission to create “good skin and clean products accessible for all,” I knew I had to try it.


After finally getting my hands on several of their vegan and cruelty-free products, I have become a #wellversed skincare enthusiast. Here is my new skincare routine.

Step 1: Day Dissolve cleansing balm


The Day Dissolve cleansing balm is perfect for removing makeup and cleansing skin. Paired with a washable makeup removing cloth, the balm gets rid of any trace of makeup and clears away any leftover residue from the day. Adding this product to my nightly routine has been a game-changer. After several weeks of use, my skin looks clearer and feels much softer.

Step 2: Hydration Station booster with HA


After washing my face with the cleansing balm, I use the Hydration Station booster with HA. This product has restored my complexion, eliminating dry patches and adding hydration. Although its recommended use is to mix 1-3 drops into a serum or moisturizer, I usually opt to use 3 drops directly on my skin to really let the HA soak in.

Step 3: On the Rise firming serum


I never really understood the hype around anti-aging serums until I started using On the Rise. After letting the hydration booster soak into my skin, I pat the firming serum into my almost-dry face. It’s super refreshing and leaves a light skin-tightening feeling that is the perfect prep for moisturizer.

Step 4: Skin Soak rich moisture cream


In the winter months, my skin is always a little drier, so I like to use a heavier moisturizer than usual. The Skin Soak rich moisture cream is the perfect product. It produces just the right amount of moisture that doesn’t feel greasy or oily. Because it continues to soak in overnight, I wake up every day feeling moisturized and ready to get my morning routine started.

Bonus step: Photos, Please brightening tightening mask


On days when my complexion needs a little extra help, I like to use the Photos, Please mask to give my skin some glow. Because of the light exfoliation in the clay, the mask provides a smoother appearance while brightening the skin. I usually use the mask in the morning of a makeup-free day so that my skin feels and looks energized.

Bonus step: The Fix emergency eye mask


Another skin saving product is The Fix emergency eye mask. This product is perfect for those days when you don’t get enough sleep. It’s revitalizes and provides the perfect amount of plump to make your undereye bags disappear. I like to leave the excess product on overnight to really get the full smoothing effect.

You can find Versed at Target or online, where prices don’t go over $21.99 per item!

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