IDONTMIND Promotes Honest Conversations Surrounding Mental Health


As mental health issues become more and more prevalent in society, many brands dedicated to encouraging conversations and minimizing stigma have begun emerging, including IDONTMIND. Founded by actor Chris Wood and creative Edward Schmit, IDONTMIND is a lifestyle brand that encourages people to talk about mental health issues instead of shying away from the struggles that many face every single day.

The brand’s hope is that wearing their designs will strike up open and honest discussions about mental health, giving everyone an opportunity to speak about what they’re going through.

Your Mind Matters

Hoping to fight stigma surrounding mental illness, IDONTMIND offers a myriad of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other accessories to get the conversations started. With trendy designs and comfortable materials, each product reminds customers that their minds matter and they shouldn’t be afraid to talk about their mental health.

The company not only sells stylish apparel, but they also provide their followers with important information about different mental illnesses. They also share resources for those in need, provide encouraging words and publish a journal with real life stories and tips for taking care of your mental health.

Additionally, IDONTMIND hosts an “Ask A Therapist” series on Instagram, which provides followers with professional responses to their questions about mental health.

Mental Health America

When you shop at IDONTMIND, you’re doing more than just supporting a trendy brand. As an official program of the nonprofit organization Mental Health America, IDONTMIND sells goods and fights stigma. Since its conception in 2017, the IDONTMIND campaign has raised over $350,000 for mental health organizations across the US. Not to mention, 100% of the brand’s proceeds go towards supporting MHA’s cause.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please call 1-800-273-8255 or text IDM to 741741. Be sure to follow IDONTMIND on Instagram for more resources.

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