I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

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It’s a couple of weeks into Pisces season and we’re emotional. If you haven’t been diving into your feelings and daydreams, you will be soon. We’re taking advantage of this sensitive sign’s season, however, because it’s the best time to tap into your creative flow, intuition, and spirituality. Hello, inspiration! Fish babes are all about expressing themselves, and we are, too—especially through beauty. So here are some seaworthy lewks we love inspired by the many moods of our Piscean queens.

A dewy no-makeup-makeup-look that’s safe from mid-day crying! (If you know, you know.)

Some seaweed tone liner to help you water signs feel at home.

A romantic look to pay tribute to the hopelessly romantic fish.


A cut crease for when they tell you you’re being too dramatic. 🙄

A seawitchy beat for those ~dark & twisty~ days.

Some starry eyes for the sign who’s always stuck in a dream.