Is It The Right Time For A Price Increase Behind The Chair?


As a hairstylist or any beauty professional for that matter, it’s important to periodically evaluate your prices and adjust them accordingly. While raising prices can be a daunting prospect, (trust us, we get it) it’s often necessary to keep up with rising costs and maintain profitability. Here are some signs that it may be time to raise your prices and how to properly announce and roll out the increase in your business.

Signs it’s time to raise your prices:

Rising Costs

If your expenses have increased significantly, (which in this time of inflation and the current economy almost all cost have gone up), it may be time to raise your prices. This can include everything from product costs to rent and utilities. Using a program like Salon Scale or Vish can help monitor color cost and usage, however expenses like rent and insurance costs are out of your control.

As professionals, we need to stop “emotionally discounting” and cutting into our bottom lines and profit because we “feel bad” for charging more. Restaurants don’t “feel bad” when they charge you market value for steak, as they adjust their pricing to the current market value.

Increased Experience or Education

If you’ve gained additional experience or education, it’s reasonable to raise your prices to reflect your increased skills and knowledge. The more education you take and more certifications you gain, you become an “expert” in your field. It is important to allow your clients to know the courses you take, and proudly share your certifications on your social media channels as well as your website.

High Demand

If you’re consistently booked and struggling to keep up with demand, raising your prices can help balance supply and demand and make your services more exclusive. If you are thinking of  closing your books to new clients, this is the perfect time to inc

Competitive Pricing

If you’ve realized that your prices are significantly lower than your competitors, it may be time to raise them to be more in line with the market. Knowing who your target niche client, or your “dream client” is a great place to start. Learn the top salons in your area, the services they charge and the price point. Undercharging to attract clients is never a smart business strategy. 

How to Properly Announce and Roll Out the Price Increase

Now, this next part may be controversial, as many people have their own beliefs and systems to announce or not announce a price increase. Please do what you feel is best for your clientele and business. There is no right or wrong way of announcing or notifying a price increase.

Give Advance Notice

It’s important to give your clients advance notice of any price increases. This can be done through an email or newsletter, social media post, or in-person announcement at the time of booking. This gives your clients time to adjust their budgets and plan accordingly. Explain to your clients the new pricing, so they aren’t guessing or stressing about what their total may be the next appointment. Many clients may look elsewhere if they are unsure of the new pricing to avoid any surprises, however, your price may still be in their budget but they are unaware with a lack of communication and clarity.

Explain the Reasoning

It’s okay to be transparent about why you’re raising your prices. Explain that it’s necessary to maintain the quality of your services, cover rising costs, or reflect your increased experience or education. This can help clients understand and accept the increase. This can also be shared via social media and email newsletter. If you are looking for help with your verbiage, try using ChatGPT.

Offer Incentives

To ease the transition, consider offering incentives to encourage clients to continue booking with you. This can include a discounted package deal or loyalty program. Discounts off retail, a back bar treatment or a small token of appreciation.

Update Your Website and Marketing Materials

Make sure to update your website, social media profiles, and any marketing materials with the new prices. This ensures that clients have accurate information and can make informed decisions. Remember, all clients use different platforms or no platforms at all for that matter. Just because you posted once on your story, or added it as a highlight, you can’t expect every client saw. The more places your able to communicate the better, as this allows for your client to not feel like your trying to be sneaky with a price increase.

Train Your Staff

If you have staff members who will be affected by the price increase, make sure to train them on how to handle client questions and concerns. This ensures a consistent and professional approach across your team. Have a staff meeting well in advance and thoroughly explain to the team the reasoning behind your decision. Making sure each member of the team has the right message and information to provide to their clients. Also making sure the entire team is posted the branded message on their social platforms, and not just the salons social is extremely important.

Raising prices as a hairstylist or beauty professional can be a difficult decision, but it’s necessary to maintain profitability and keep up with rising costs. By paying attention to signs that it’s time to raise prices and properly announcing and rolling out the increase, you can ensure a smooth transition for your clients and maintain a successful business.

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