It’s Not About Who’s Right, It’s About What’s Right – Lauren & Rodrick, Hair Lab Detroit


Volume Up by The Tease featured Lauren and Rodrick Samuels as guests this week. Lauren is ​​an educator, Beauty Industry advocate for the Professional Beauty Association, Academy Director of Hair Lab Detroit Barber School and 2021 NAHA Finalist and NAHA Texture Winner in 2015. Rodrick is an educator and consultant for publishers and manufactures as well as the exciting and eclectic advanced educational powerhouse Hair Lab Detroit and now Hair Lab Detroit Barber School, as well as a finalist for the International AIPP award for his Men’s Collection in 2016, NAHA 2017 for Men’s Hair Stylist of the Year and International Visionary Award for Men’s Stylist of the Year 2017 and 2018.

Rodrick and Lauren told us each about their unique entry into the beauty industry and how they have arrived at where they are now. They discussed their relationship inside and outside the home, working together every day and their unforgettable wedding day experience right at NAHA. 

They explained the beginnings of Hair Lab Detroit Barber School and how they teach their students especially when it comes to doing all different types of hair. They share with Volume Up the emphasis they put on eliminating discrimination of all kinds. They share their passion for creating an environment where no one feels like someone is watching what they have done or what their ethnic background is.  

Don’t miss out on all their insight and advice about the beauty service industry!

“Learn every type and texture of hair!”

“We saw where we could make a difference.”

“If they’re not getting answers to rebooks, or prebooks, or regular books, then you need to find help. And get creative with that because it’s really easy to do once you start thinking outside the box.”

“I would like to encourage people to live in a culture of yah. If you live in a culture of yes in your mind, you will start to see more opportunities come your way.”

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