Jaxon Lane Offers K-Beauty in the Men’s Skincare Space

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It’s no secret the men’s beauty category is often overlooked. But one brand looking to change that is Jaxon Lane. Offering high quality Korean skincare in a fun and accessible way, the brand focuses on addressing men’s skin problems with well-researched, world class products.

Founded in San Francisco by husband and wife Alex Penfold and Jen Yu, Jaxon Lane has taken the men’s skincare space by storm. Not only do they support men’s beauty with superb products, but they also help normalize skincare for the modern man.

Powered by K Beauty

In trying to support the men’s beauty space, Jaxon Lane aims “to make products better than anything else you can find out there.” In order to do so, the skincare brand delivers Korean Beauty to otherwise unknowing consumers, which previously included Alex himself. After discovering K Beauty and its useful benefits, he and his wife realized the potential of bringing Korea’s science to men’s beauty in the US. Jaxon Lane now fills the untapped market by providing western consumers with the impressive formulas.

Award Winning Products

Offering an Exfoliating Enzyme Powder Cleanser, a Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen, an Anti-Aging Moisturizer, along with a few different skincare kits, Jaxon Lane’s product lineup is currently limited. However, the brand’s most popular offering, the award-winning Bro Mask, is a real game-changer.

Beloved by celebrities and dermatologists alike, the Bro Mask targets dull skin, redness and fine lines. It even comes in two separate pieces to account for men with beards. Not to mention, the sheet mask’s glowing properties moisturize and balance the skin to produce a glowing complexion that’s perfect for everyday use or as preparation for big events.

Needless to say, Jaxon Lane provides men with the skincare products they need, and we are seriously impressed!

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