Keep it Cool with These 6 Icy Toners and Toning Shampoos


Silver and ice-white platinum colors are in — and we LOVE it. Toners are a crucial step for lightened hair, whether you need global brass reduction and tone refreshing or you just need to touch-up some stubborn highlights. While blondes and silvers get first dibs on most purple shampoos and toners, we have heart eyes for ashy browns too!

Check out our 6 favorite toners and toning shampoos to keep hair cool this spring.

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoos are a must-have for at-home touch ups in between salon visits. Redken’s Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo is easy to use, hydrating and softening for the hair, and super effective at global cooling! This toner shampoo makes it as if the client never left the salon by keeping their gorgeous color fresh until they see you again. This is perfect for brown hair with ashy highlights or full platinum blondes. Make sure to only leave in for the recommended time — or it might work a little too well!

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Promising Review from Ulta Beauty: Jordan says “ I have tried many violet color depositing shampoos and conditioners always trying to get my hair to a more ash/neutral as my hair tends to pull a reddish/orange tone. After probably 10 different brands of violet color deposit/toning shampoos, I have finally found “the one”. Thanks Redken and Ulta!!!”

WELLA colorcharm T-18 Lightest Ash Blonde Toner

WELLA colorcharm’s iconic Permanent Liquid Toner line consists of 8 total shades in 3 total families. From Lightest Ash to Medium Beige, any cool blonde tone you could want- they have! This long-lasting and fade-resistant toner works perfectly for double processed blondes. It doesn’t get better than T-18 though.

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Promising Review from Sally Beauty: Briealy says “I was nervous about trying it but I am SO glad I did!! I used the whole bottle of toner, mixed it with the level 10 developer in the recommended 2:1 ratio, let it process for 20 minutes, and miraculously, I now have ash blonde hair!!!!! I have literally never been this happy with my hair color. Ever”

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo – Cool Blondes

Schwarzkopf BlondMe’s Cool Blondes purple shampoo acts to gently eliminate yellow tones in the hair during wash. The toner’s formula is sulfate free and works to bond the new, cool color to the hair while removing the warm tones. They also have a purple conditioning mask if the hair is too delicate for purple shampoos! While we are big fans of their cool blondes line — if you’re looking to keep a warm blonde color, they also have a Warm Blondes Bonding Shampoo. 

Check out this Cool Blondes shampoo and conditioning mask line at Ulta Beauty!

Promising Review from Ulta Beauty: Chloe says “I have bleached and toned (naturally very dark brunette) hair, so I am bound to get brassy over time in between salon visits. This shampoo fixes all the brass without making my hair too icy/purple. I seriously can’t recommend this enough, especially if you are a natural brunette like myself!”

Sebastian Professional Cellophanes Gloss Ice Blonde

Sebastian’s Cellophanes Salon Service provides 4 weeks of lasting true-to-tone color varying from Espresso Brown to Gloss Ice Blonde, with cranberry and cinnamon reds included too! There is also a clear cellophane color formula, just to get the benefits of the UV protection and shine that these colors leave in your hair. If you’re looking for an icy-toned or a cool espresso-brown look while having healthier and shinier hair — Sebastian Professional’s Cellophanes line is for you!

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Promising Review from Wella: B Parlor’s Salon Owner says “It’s a great add-on service for color and it’s great for clients that want to tip-toe into the color world.”

Clairol Professional’s Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo for Blonde & Silver Hair

Clairol Professional’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo toner is the perfect all-in-one for maintaining cool silver, blonde, and brown hair. Use this shampoo twice a week and you’ll notice an incredibly beautiful difference! It’s easy to use, hydrating for the hair, and leaves the hair a balanced, cool shade. Whether natural or lightened, this product is ideal for toning while invigorating the hair with it’s protein-enriched formula.

Get it at Ulta Beauty!

Promising Review from Ulta: Liz says “I love this product! Tried other blond shampoos and I always come back. I pair this with a good conditioner and love my hair’s texture and color!”

Verb Purple Toning + Hydrating Hair Mask

Verb’s Purple Toner Mask is ideal for any and every type of hair: from straight to coily, fine to thick, and virgin to color-treated hair. If you’ve tried purple shampoos and it’s a bit too harsh for more delicate hair — Verb gives us this amazing alternative! It’s ultra-hydrating which is ideal for lightened hair, and super easy to apply! Shampoo as normal, and use this mask as a conditioner. Leave it in for 5-10 minutes depending on how intense of a cool tone you desire. The cool tone this purple mask leaves? To die for!

Get it at Sephora!

Promising Review from Sephora: Neysaelle says “Every Verb product I have tried has left my hair beautifully soft, and this is no exception. This toner has helped my 5 month old balayage not look brassy (let’s be honest, there’s no avoiding brass entirely after 5 months and I still desperately miss my hair stylist!)”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity

We love these cool toners! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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