LashCast Chronicles: Building a Lash Empire


We have talked about nails. We have talked about hair. We have talked about skin, makeup, and everything in between. One thing we have yet to cover on Volume Up by The Tease? Lash extensions!

Lashes can transform one’s appearance and truly help to improve one’s confidence in themselves. Luckily our guests, Paul and Tussanee Luebbers, not only understand the impact lashes have but have also impacted the lash community in huge ways. 

The dynamic duo, ran their lash studio for years before they started their successful lash-focused podcast, LashCast, along with their coaching program, LashCast Clubhouse, and founding, The LashCONference. While they no longer run their studio, Paul and Tussanee are working to help others along in their lash business journey. 

Many talented lash artists are passionate about their craft but don’t know where to start when it comes to how a business works. Paul and Tussanee have your back by creating multiple platforms in which you can learn and expand your knowledge, network and community. The couple understands the struggles one can have in business and they want to help others from going through the same struggles they have so that the whole industry can strive. 

Paul and Tussanee discuss how they each got into the lash industry, how they found their passion with LashCast and what their plan is moving forward.  This episode is calling all lash lovers and lash-trepreneurs. Let’s dive in. 

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“…The way I’m going to grow my business is for every person that comes in for skincare, i’m just going to be like, ‘I’ve got an extra service for you, it’s fee and it’s lashes’. Because I know that people would be addicted once they saw it and it was easier to just do it for free than to try to explain it cause there was too many objections.”

“When you see a winning team, you wanna be part of that winning team.”

“Salons need to know and business owners need to understand. It’s not 100% about lashes, it’s like 50% about lashes, 50% about business. Learning how to do things properly, how to hire, how to do taxes, how to do finances, how to do customer services, all that stuff.”

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