Lead Hairstylist Narad Kutowaroo on Creating “Two-For-One” Hair for the Indonesia Now SS23 Show


Indonesian style has officially taken New York Fashion Week by storm. A group of Indonesian designers, known as Indonesia NOW, hosted a thrilling runway show featuring some of the country’s top design talent. 

The SS23 showcase highlighted the collections of six designers including Vivi Zubedi, Coreta Louise, Alleira Batik, Suedeson by Kimberly Tandra, Heaven Lights, and Priyo Oktaviano. Each designer presented 10 different looks, accounting for a total of 60 looks for the entire show. 

The first look (a braided bun) of the “two-for-one” hairstyle for the Indonesia Now runway show. Image Courtesy: Camille Nzengung

The runway show spotlighted the different styles and approaches the Indonesian designers have on ready-to-wear fashion. For a show of this magnitude, UK ambassador for UNITE Hair, Narad Kutowaroo dreamed up what he called a “two-for-one”—a low braided bun that later transforms into beautiful beachy waves—that would complement all of the designer’s unique collections.

Lead Hairstylist Narad Kutowaroo braiding a ponytail to create the braided bun for the first look.  Image Courtesy: Camille Nzengung

“Firstly, today the girls are wearing a hijab. So, in order to do that, we have to keep it very sleek and beautiful—keeping everything out of the way,” Kutowaroo explains. “Looking into our second designer, we’re going into more of a beachy wave texture. In order to do that, we’ve started out with a simple ponytail. We’re actually braiding the ponytail, using UNITE Beach Day ($29.50) and then just heating it with the UNITE Straightening Iron. And, as that cools, we’re funneling that into our low bun so then we can place the hijab on top. So, then when we whip them off, we’re going to be able to whip out the ponytail and out comes our amazing texture.”

According to Kutowaroo, the hero product of the day was without a doubt the UNITE Beach Day spray. 

A peek at some of the UNITE Hair products backstage. Image Courtesy: Camille Nzengung

“A lot of our prep today is going to be using Beach Day. It’s like a sea salt spray,” he says. “It has a nice matte finish. And, it just gives the hair that the grip and also the short of scaffolding, what I would say, to really be able to build and push a style into hair.”

What do you think about Indonesia Now’s “two-for-one” runway hair look? Let us know in the comments below!

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Camille Nzengung

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