LGBTQ+ Owned Hair Brands to Support During Pride Month and Beyond


With Pride Month now in full swing, there has been no shortage of Pride-themed hair drops happening this month. In fact, we’re sure you’ve already seen a number of haircare brands release rainbow-themed product packaging or special “Pride” versions of some of their best-selling products as a show of support for the LGBTQ+ community. And, while we are all for bringing more attention to LGBTQ+ individuals and the issues they face, the reality is that many corporations have a tendency to jump on the Pride Month bandwagon without providing any real tangible help. 

That’s why instead of entertaining all of the rainbow-washing that’s happening in our haircare aisles this month, consider putting your money behind brands that are actually owned by queer people. By doing so, your hard-earned dollars are going directly back into the community as well as helping support some incredible independent businesses. 

Ahead, we rounded up five hair brands owned by LGBTQ+ founders that should be on your radar. 

Andrew Fitzsimons Hair

Even if you don’t know Andrew Fitzsimons by name, you certainly know his work. The celebrity hairstylist is the mastermind behind many of the Kardashian-Jenner crew’s glamorous hairstyles. With his namesake line, the hair pro is now bringing his haircare secrets to the masses. Consisting of five inclusive collections that target specific hair concerns and needs, the line is filled with a wide assortment of styling products, treatments, and shampoo and conditioners designed to give you the hair of your dreams. And, the best part? Every single product is only $14.

Recommended product: Andrew Fitzsimons Hair Hard Strong Hold Hairspray, $14.00


As a professional hairstylists and one of the stars of Netflix’s hit Queer Eye, it’s safe to say that Jonathan Van Ness is pretty much an expert when it comes to all things hair. That’s why we were beyond excited when the hair pro decided to bring all of their hair wisdom to the hair aisle with their very own vegan and cruelty-free haircare line, JVN. Designed to be as inclusive as possible, their line of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products, looks beyond hair types, and instead focuses on meeting a person’s hair concerns—no matter their ethnicity, age, or gender. 

Recommended product: JVN Nourishing Shine Drops, $22.00

Trademark Beauty

You probably won’t find cuter hair tools on the market than the ones being made by Trademark Beauty. The hair brand, which was founded by celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine and his sister Sabrina Maine, is set on bringing a dose of fun to your hair routine with their brightly colored styling tools. Not only are their tools and products super easy to use, but they come at an affordable price point, too!

Recommended product: Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original, $59.00


With how well known celebrity hairstylist Brad Mondo has become for his viral hair reactions videos on TikTok, it was only a matter of time before the hair authority would bring his talents to the haircare world. Founded in 2019, XMONDO is a haircare and color brand focused on being an all-in-one line for people who want to experiment with their hair color without losing their hair’s integrity. This queer-owned brand consists of everything from shampoos and conditioners to semi-permanent colors and each product has been carefully curated by Mondo as well as a team of chemists and stylists.

Recommended product: XMondo Wavetech Wave Revival Mist, $26.00

Kaleidoscope Hair

You might have heard (or are already a fan) of Kaleidoscope Hair’s cult-favorite Miracle Drops, but just know that beloved hair and scalp oil only scratches the surface of the brand’s incredible haircare offering. Founded in 2014, by hairstylist Jesseca Dupart, Kaleidoscope Hair is a Black-owned haircare brand focused on offering ethical and innovative products—spanning edge creams to shampoos and conditioners— for every hair type and texture.

Recommended product: Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops, $19.99

Are you a fan of any of these LGBTQ+-owned hair brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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