Lift and Tone a Grown Out Money Piece with JCPenney Salon Master Stylist Heather White



JCPenney Salon Master Designer Heather White has a dream client. A repeat, who had come in for her first-ever balayage and money piece several months prior, looking for a refresh. Noting the client wanted to cool down her blonde and make her money piece pop again, Heather devised a plan featuring her go-to Matrix products.

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Get the Look:


  • Step 1: Application
    • “So we’re going to use the Lift and Tone from Matrix. I’m using 22 volume. This is our mid level lift. It’s going to give us just what we need for her light hair.
      • I love this [product] because if I need to speed up my service just a little bit more, I can throw this under the hairdryer for maximum 15 minutes. And it goes right to the level I want it to. My favorite part, it’s called lift and tone because you can throw extra toners into the lightener. So it goes to the shade that you’re looking for.
    • What I’m doing is parting her from ear to ear across the front. Just focusing on that front hairline. I love to use a paddle when I’m coming up by the face, so that I’m not painting on the client’s face.
      • With being around the front hairline, you really want to pay attention to your placement, to the hair pieces you’re picking up. Making sure that you’re not going to have any awkward hard spots. or hot spots and just making even application to ensure proper lift.
      • You really want to be gentle with your brush, especially when you’re working around the front hairline.
      • You don’t want to put your brush just flat because that’s going to give you a really hard line. If you come in at an angle. And you blend with an angle, you get that nice soft edge right at the scalp. makes it look a little more natural.
  • Step 2: Process
    • She’s going to sit for about 15 minutes and then we’ll rinse.
  • Step 3: Rinse
    • You want to be sure that you get all of that Lightener product out of the hair. Here I am using Unbreak My Blonde Matrix Bleach Finder.
      • This is a specially formulated color changing Lightener rinse that you use. It starts off yellow. And when it hits any oxidization, it turns pink. Little bit of towel dry to see where we’re at, to see what toner we need to get.”


  • Step 1: Application
    • “I grabbed my 8 Pearl, a 10 Neutral. Because we’re using Color Sync for her toner, we only use 10 volume.
      • I like to tone in the shampoo bowl because the client can take a little nap if they want to.
  • Step 2: Process
  • Step 3: Rinse
  • Step 4: Prep Hair for Cut
    • Then I use the Matrix Food for Soft Hair Mask. This is going to, again, replenish some extra moisture as well as give me some great slip for a great head massage.”

Cut and Style

  • Step 1: Adding a Curtain Bang
    • “We’re going to add for face framing… Make it a little more intentional than just a few layers in the front. So I’m going based on the part that she likes to use, take a small triangle from either side and then match where the length wants to be, come to the opposite side and cut at that angle. And you get this nice, sweeping blend.
  • Step 2: Blend
    • Comb everything down and make sure it blends from those bang pieces to the end. Just a little soft, feathering of the scissor.
  • Step 3: Prep Hair for Blowout
    • We always start with hair oil to ensure the moisture and the shine and everything like that gets fully into the hair.
    • Throw some Quick Blowout from Redken. This is a blow dry spray. Heat protectant. It’s gonna help us speed up our dry time.
  • Step 4: Blow Dry Hair
    • So for longer hair I like to use a one and a half to two inch round brush. And then I pop the dryer to bring that cool air through to cool everything down and then swirl the brush.
      • You get this nice curl that it’ll cool in this shape and allow it to stay and set in that curled shape.”

Are you more of a visual learner? Watch the step-by-step on our YouTube.

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