A Little Too Sharp for Comfort

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On the long list of people that aren’t touching our locks, the Siberian Sweeney Todd is at the top of that list. Where do you even go for a haircut like this? Russia of course. Siberia’s own Danniil Istomin claim to fame is very unique hatchet haircut, yeah you heard us right. Hatchet. Haircut.

This Hairdresser Cuts Hair With An Axe

Meanwhile in Russia…?? ?

Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

But it’s not just him. People around the globe are lining up for the opportunity to have their haircut and even close shaves, you won’t see us in any of those lines. We’re still scratching our still attached scalps, while we try to figure why in the hell this became a thing.

Don’t get us wrong we love a little innovation with our hair, but there haven’t been any clear-cut (HA!) evidence as to why people seem to be in love with this. Danniil claims that it’s easier than with the more typical, less deadly methods, but we’re still looking for a reputable stylist who’ll give us their word on that.

Shaving, sure it’s basically a big straight razor and believe it or not people have been shaving like this since the 40’s to demonstrate axe quality (who said we never taught you anything), but chopping at our hair?!?! If we wanted a hack job done on our do’ we’d stay at home with a glass of wine, pull out the scissors and make a night of it.

We get it. You’re different, it’s different, unique and fun. But when we say we want a little of the top we’re thinking Danniil might have something else in mind…