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Born and raised in Southern California, I always knew I wanted to do hair. It was a crazy thought, because I never even knew how to french braid until beauty school. After putting myself through school and completing the 1600 hours, I was stoked to get out in the real world.

I knew being so close to Los Angeles, I had a good opportunity to learn from the best and I knew I had to take advantage of that. I assisted under people who really shaped me into who I am as a hairstylist. This allowed me to travel to New York, San Francisco, Mexico City and Dubai to do hair. And, I met some of the greatest people while having that experience.

I learned how to create a great work ethic, how to handle color corrections and how to provide people with the best results. This knowledge helped me create the techniques I use and understand why I use them.

My inspiration for color comes from how the sun naturally lightens your hair as a child. Understanding where the sun hits should help place your brightest and lightest pieces. I use highlights and teasylights to create a low maintenance hair color that creates depth and dimension, so hair never looks flat when straight. This results in a sun-kissed color with a natural, lived-in look. With this technique, clients can live with that one session for anywhere from six months to a year.

Trends and techniques are always evolving, and there’s always something new to learn. It’s just about finding what works best with you!

When coloring hair, I always remember that lightening is the foundation. Make sure you lift to the correct level to get the best results. When a client wants to be brunette, I always lift their hair to a true level seven. Doing this allows the hair to fade into a controlled warmth, meaning a golden tone. My go-to toner for a brunette is equal parts Redken Eq 7gb and 7nb, which is a neutral brunette.

Alternatively, when it comes to creating a baby blonde, I always make sure to use baby lights — meaning very precise, fine highlights, which help create the gradient from their natural base to their bright ends. I always lift a blonde client to a true level nine, which is often described as the inside of a banana. My go-to toner for a baby blonde is Redken Eq 10vv mixed with clear.

My favorite part of doing hair is that it’s always different. Whether you are doing the same technique or same formula, no hair is ever the same. It truly is an art, in itself.

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Jenna Machingo

Jenna Machingo is a Southern California-based hair artist who offers clients incredible transformations through coloring services.

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