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We’re all craving some newness in our lives, whether it’s travel or just-launched hair products. Luckily for our subscribers, we’re bringing you both in this month’s Hello Salon Pro box. Meet ikoo, a German-originated hair care brand that just launched in the U.S. Its products are made for professionals and their clients to use in-salon or at home, while enjoying the brand’s one and only “freelosophy.”

This guiding principle helps create ikoo’s safe, clean and high-performing care and styling products. With an eye on ingredients, the brand balances what works with what’s good for our client’s hair and our world. All products are cruelty-free and vegan with no parabens, paraffins or silicones.

The brand is also known across the globe for its iconic “it girl,” Lola. If you’re looking for a brand that’s taking a stand on the state of our world, Lola’s got plenty to say. She speaks hair but also gets real about issues like female empowerment, body confidence and even getting out the vote for the November presidential election.

We’re thrilled to partner with such a kickass brand for October. Check out the deets of what’s coming your way this month, and don’t forget to follow @readthetease and @ikoo_us to get in on more mod products and need-to-know conversations.

ikoo Paddle X Pops ($30 value)

Looking for a tool with that “X” factor? Well, the Paddle X Pops Metallic Collection brush definitely matches your vibe. This tool’s vented system increases airflow, while the large bristle pad recreates a traditional Chinese scalp massage –– a favorite technique at ikoo. Not to mention, its acrylic design is easy to clean and uses zero glue making it 100% cruelty-free. Your style (and your tools) speak to you! Get a brush that feels as innovative, chic and badass as the stylist behind it.

ikoo An Affair To Repair Shampoo ($25 value)

Mark your calendars –– it’s wash day! The Affair To Repair Shampoo is a PETA-approved, nourishing cleanser for all hair types: from virgin to color-treated. Revive hair health with a blend of nourishing ingredients: quinoa protein to extend color brilliance; sunflower seed extract to create a natural UV filter and henna extract to repair strands for a revived gloss & finish. All enhance the integrity of strands and your styling experience.

ikoo An Affair To Repair Conditioner ($25 value)

The second step in making hair repair a momentous occasion is including the Affair To Repair Conditioner. With the same nourishing quinoa protein, sunflower seed extract and henna extract as its shampoo counterpart, this repairing conditioner was meant to be used in tandem for brilliant color, smooth texture and repaired strands. Skip the paraffins, parabens and silicones. Now, wash day isn’t a chore –– it’s an affair to enjoy! 

ikoo Thermal Treatment Wraps ($24 combined value)

Finally, meet ikoo’s one-of-a-kind, crowd favorite: The Thermal Treatment Wrap. #TreatYourself to an at-home spa experience — or use on clients after washing! Each Treatment Wrap formula features a unique blend of essential oils and extracts, while using the scalp’s natural heat to deeply penetrate hair’s structure. Wrap damp hair in the treatment and secure for 15-25 minutes. Then, remove, wash and style for optimum results for your hair needs.
Hydrate & ShineFor dry & brittle hair

Tell strands to get over the thirst trap. The Hydrate & Shine wrap is made with macadamia, camellia and honey to love on dry, damaged hair. Retain moisture and repair past damage with the intense nourishment in this wrap.

Color Protection & Repair – For damaged & colored hair

ikoo’s Color Protect & Repair formula uses lavender oil, juniper oil and basil extract to undo any bad hair decisions with softer strands and a nourished scalp. Plus, it also prevents your expensive hair dye from fading.

Detox & Balance – For excessively damaged hair

When the going gets tough, the rich blend of antioxidants and extracts gets going in Detox & Balance. Return hair to premium balance with blueberry and blackberry extracts, while sea kelp expands hair elasticity to prevent breakage.

Let’s Jet Set

We’ve spent this year looking for new ways to chase thrills and dopamine hits. In our research, retail therapy has always been a reliable option! *wink* Even beyond the products, ikoo’s “freelosophy” and relevant commentary give us exactly what we need for our hair and values to come to life during this time. Experience this new-to-the-U.S. brand by purchasing your October Hello Salon Pro box now.

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