Malibu C Launches New Virtual Educational Hub for Consumers and Stylists Called Malibu Metaversity


Malibu C is taking hair education to the next level with a little help from the metaverse. As of this month, the hair wellness brand has officially launched Malibu Metaversity, a new groundbreaking virtual education hub that’s designed to empower stylists and consumers with comprehensive knowledge about Malibu C products.

For Malibu C, this transformative platform marks a significant milestone in its commitment to education and excellence in haircare. Malibu Metaversity not only provides stylists with a cutting-edge virtual learning environment where they can amplify their skills, but also helps elevate their expertise and knowledge through specialized courses tailored to the industry’s unique needs. Additionally, this platform also serves as a central hub for stylists to immerse themselves in the art and science of haircare, giving particular focus on the master of Malibu C’s renowned products.

Malibu Metaversity offers a number of key features and specialized certifications that many stylists will find beneficial. Some of the platform’s certifications include, Total Oxidation Management (T.O.M), Head Lab, Corrective Color courses. There are also a number of specialized classrooms available that are dedicated to each of Malibu C’s collections, such as Scalp, Color, Blondes, Curls, Wefts + Extensions, Hard Water, and Swimmers.

“The Education Team has relentlessly dedicated itself to the meticulous preparation of our cutting-edge Malibu C educational platform: Malibu Metaversity,” said Brittany Cook, Malibu C’s Global Executive Education Manager. “This interactive virtual world, featuring FAQs, how-to videos, certifications, and more, is set to redefine industry standards and propel the pursuit of knowledge to unprecedented heights.”

While Malibu Metaversity already offers a range of courses that meet the diverse educational needs of stylists and consumers, the brand will be frequently introducing new content to enhance users’ learning experience. If you’re ready to start your educational journey with Malibu Metaversity, the free platform is available on the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, or on desktop.

For all things Malibu C, be sure to visit or follow @malibucpro on Instagram. 

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