Matrix’s New Curl Collection Wants to Help Preserve Curls and Coils


Ask anyone with curls, kinks, and coils and they’ll tell you that having the right products are so important when it comes to making sure your curls are taken care of. If you’ve ever struggled to find haircare products that meet the needs of your specific hair type and texture, you’ll be happy to know that Matrix has just the collection for you. In fact, the haircare giant has spent the last three years cooking up their brand-new curl care line, Total Results: A Curl Can Dream — and like its name suggests, the collection is totally here to help you finally get the curls of your dreams.

Developed with all curl types in mind, the A Curl Can Dream collection was created in collaboration with three diversity hair experts, including Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor. “As a hairstylist for over 20 years and a self-process curly girl myself, I know the importance of caring for our unique curls and texture,” said O’Connor. “After three years of development and collaboration with Matrix, I am so thrilled to share this collection with the world.”

It was only after testing over 50 formulas across over 300 women, that Matrix was finally able to create a haircare and styling system, for consumers and pros alike,  that addresses the number one curly hair concern: pattern preservation. 

And, as anyone who is familiar with curly hair knows, moisture is the key to preserving any curl pattern. That’s why all of the formulas in the line are enriched with Manuka honey extract, a known humectant that will not only provide moisture, but will also maintain hydration during cleansing, condition, and styling. 

The full collection features six products that are designed to enhance and preserve your curls at every step. Beginning with cleansing, there is the deep cleansing A Curl Can Dream Shampoo ($17.00)  and the gentle cleansing A Curl Can Dream Co-Wash ( $17.00). For conditioning, there is the deeply hydrating A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask ($19.00). And when it comes to styling your curls? Take your pick of their ultra-moisturizing A Curl Can Dream Moisturizing Cream ($24.00), coil-defining A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel ($19.00), and nourishing A Curl Can Dream Light Weight Oil ($24.00).

To ensure that this collection is truly compatible with a broad spectrum of curl types and texture, it has been vetted with the brand’s Hair Diversity Matrix — a proprietary scoreboard comprising four key hair dimensions including natural hair color levels, underlying pigments, hair diameter, and pattern. The brand also constructed a Hair Pattern navigation scale which lends itself off of the Hair Diversity Matrix’s dimensions of pattern and diameter to help users determine their curl type.

“From an education and brand perspective, it was of the utmost importance that we made a chart that speaks to all,” says Alfredo Lewis, VP of Education for Matrix Worldwide. “In the spirit of having products and education that embraces all hair types —the chart is a hybrid of both consumer and professional language. When speaking to consumers, stylists identify diameter and pattern as characteristic and the needs of the hair depend on both metrics. We use the terms straight, wavy, curly, and coily to identify pattern, and fine, medium, and coarse to identify diameter.”

The Total Results: A Curl Can Dream collection is available for purchase at To see these curl products at work, be sure to follow @matrix on Instagram.

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