Michael Dueñas on How Support Creatives’ Beauty Together Benefit Promotes Inclusivity


Nonprofit organization Support Creatives is always looking for ways to support the beauty industry and create positive change. Their latest venture includes Beauty Together, a 10 day long virtual benefit supporting artists and inclusivity in the beauty industry. From June 16th to June 26th, Support Creatives Co-Founder, Michael Dueñas joined 50 other celebrity hair and makeup pros to support artists affected during these times. Starting with a ten-dollar donation, viewers were treated to education and Q and A’s with the artists, all while supporting racial justice organizations, like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter.

We had the opportunity to speak with Dueñas about the event and how it all came together.

The Tease: What is Beauty Together and Supporting Creatives? 

Michael Dueñas: Beauty Together is a global livestream fundraising event featuring 50 artists and 10 days of live education to raise donations for BLM, NAACP and the Support Creatives grant program. Support Creatives is a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to enriching the lives of artists in the beauty industry.

How did the benefit come to fruition? What was the timeline like to put this all together?

Support Creatives is here to showcase what artists in our industry can do as well as help every aspect of our industry we can. Beauty Together came to fruition as the financial needs of many become more apparent. Our grant program had run out of funds, but grants are still in desperate need. Beauty Together became an immediate fundraising effort to keep food on the table and lights on for struggling artists. 

There was approximately a 2-week timeline to get the event together, with a few schedule shifts. It was all hands on and foot on the gas pedal to make this happen.

Why is it important to you to support artists and inclusivity in the beauty industry?

I have been a hairdresser for 20 years. Being an artist is all I know, and I understand the struggles that come with it. If Support Creatives can be a positive impact in an artist’s life, then we have made a difference. Inclusivity shouldn’t be an option; it shouldn’t be an issue. It should be normal and a right to have everyone included and represented. Support Creatives stands for what’s right and for all equal opportunities to be present for all. We will stand up for what’s right and make this a fair market for all.

What are your overall goals for the benefit?

To raise funds for artists suffering from the effects of COVID-19, provide funds to help support our current civil rights movement and bring awareness to Support Creatives.

How were all of the brands/artists brought together?

I have been a hairdresser for 20 years, and Melody [O’Flaherty] has been a publicist for 10 years. We pooled all of our resources and contacts together and reached out to every connection we could. It took long hours and a lot of work to bring this all together.

Were there special considerations to ensure diversity?

We worked as we normally would. We asked all artists of every race to be involved, from all aspects of the industry. This event was in the works and planned before the movement was in full effect.

The benefit has been going on for several days already. How has the response been? What kind of feedback are you receiving?

The response has been amazing! Everyone is so excited that they are able to get education of this caliber at an affordable price, all while doing good! The request for more classes has been huge, and we have a lot of brands and artists who want to be involved in our next event.

How much money do you anticipate will be raised?

We anticipate being able to raise a minimum of $50k.

If you missed any of the live-streamed events, don’t worry! All classes will be available on demand starting Saturday, June 27th.

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