My Favorite Glam Moments From the ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot So Far


Social media went wild late last year when HBO Max announced that they would be rebooting the iconic teen drama, Gossip Girl. After months of anticipation, the new version of the show has finally hit the streaming service. Although there’s only been one episode, fans of the original are finding comfort in once again exploring the lives of the Upper East Side’s most elite.

As a huge fan of the 2007 hit, I was stoked to watch the reboot. Although it definitely feels different than the original, one thing I couldn’t help but notice was the iconic looks served by the new characters — especially in regard to glam. Makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti (who also worked on the original series) went for more minimalist makeup for the modern version, and I’m loving it!

Here are eight glam moments from the first episode of the Gossip Girl reboot I know you’ll appreciate.

A Blast from The Past

Luna’s minimal glam here really showcases actress Zión Moreno’s natural beauty. Her thin eyebrows, peachy lips and light blush are giving me major 90’s vibes. And I’m basically obsessed.

Natural Beauty

Again going for a natural makeup look, Audrey’s nude lip, glowing complexion and fair skin shows that you don’t need full glam to look beautiful. Tagliamonti really highlighted Emily Alyn Lind’s natural features for this one!

A Change of Face

Jordan Alexander’s Julien serves a variety of looks throughout the show, and this red lip and smoky eye moment proves that the character can slay almost anything.

Au Naturel

Zoya showing up to school in virtually no makeup, natural hair and an oversized sweatshirt is one of the most realistic moments in the show. Actress Whitney Peak’s natural beauty really shines in the moment.

Winged Woman

This winged look on Savannah Lee Smith’s Monet is basically perfect. Paired with a pouty nude lip and just a dash of blush, Tagliamonti killed this look.

Fit for a Party

It’s not Gossip Girl without a full glam party moment. Julien’s maroon lip and winged liner next to Audrey’s long lashes and matte skin shows the range that these characters’ looks have. And I can’t wait to see how they progress!

Golden Gal

Another party look that’s just as impressive is this golden eye shadow paired with glossy lip on Zoya. The minimal face makeup and natural looking eyebrows really let viewers focus on her eyes. I’m ready to recreate this one tbh.

Lashes at the MET

Last but not least, our introduction to the MET steps features Julien rocking this subtle but still gorgeous glam. Her uber long lashes and glossy lips show that the character actually does have a softer side.

Which moment from the Gossip Girl reboot is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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