MYAVANA Has Brought Its Revolutionary HairAI Technology to Ulta Beauty Thanks to a New Experiential Partnership With the Retailer


MYAVANA has continued to make waves in the industry with its AI hair care technology and is now set to expand its reach thanks to a new experiential partnership with Ulta Beauty. The Black-owned beauty-tech company also recently announced that it has secured strategic investments from Prisma Ventures, Ulta Beauty’s digital innovation fund and the BrainTrust Fund, in addition to landing its partnership.

As part of the collaboration with MYAVANA, Ulta Beauty has released a new Virtual Hair Analysis tool that integrates the company’s HairAI technology and empower shoppers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their hair type as well as direct them to personalized product recommendations for their hair. This revolutionary tool will seamlessly integrate within Ulta Beauty’s e-commerce virtual try-on experiences and is set to completely change the way customers explore and select their haircare products.

“Through Prisma Ventures, Ulta Beauty’s digital innovation fund, we’re always looking to support and invest in technologies that will pave the path forward for the world of beauty—especially those with like-minded values aiming to innovate the space through an inclusive lens,” said Agustina Sartori, Senior Director of Digital Innovation at Ulta Beauty & Managing Director of Prisma Ventures. “Candace’s visionary approach to digitizing beauty experiences for all hair types, including textured hair, is incredibly unique, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with MYAVANA on their mission to open new doors for more guests through hair analysis technology.”

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Speaking on the partnership, MYAVANA Founder and CEO Candace Harris shared, “In the beginning at MYAVANA, we set out on a mission to transform the hair industry through science and technology and I am ecstatic to partner with Ulta Beauty to begin this digital transformation in retail. Through our personalized hair care technology that will innovate and elevate our shopping experiences, we’re excited to bring to market better identification and understanding of our unique hair strands and unique hair journeys while partnering with the nation’s largest beauty retailer that prioritizes innovation and inclusion.”

As for the investment that MYAVANA receives from BrainTrust Fund, which invests exclusively in breakthrough brands led by at least on Black founder that serves the majority, the company plans on using the funds to support their enterprise retail expansion—including salon channels and global product distribution leveraging the company’s consumer intelligence across the hair industry.

“MYAVANA is emerging as a leader in beauty AI because its hair strand analysis super-serves every customer in this valuable marketplace, from the shopper seeking a personalized diagnosis, to retailers and stylists wanting to sell the right products to shoppers the first time,” said BrainTrust Fund General Partners Kendra Bracken-Ferguson and Lisa Stone. “We’re looking forward to working with Candace and her team as the brand continues to accelerate.”

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