NAHA Announces #NAHAMoment2020 Finalists

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With the 31st annual NAHA right around the corner, the PBA has announced the finalists for the new #NAHAMoment award. The award celebrates licensed beauty professionals who have shown tremendous talent and artistry over the past year. In order to be considered, hairstylists had to submit their work via Instagram using #NAHAMoment2020 and #iamlicensed.

With over 800 submissions, it has come down to five hairstylists. From bobs and bangs to vibrant and rainbow locks, here are the finalists!

Robert Bushy

Photo: Richard Miles

Chad Demchuk

Photo: John Rawson

Alexis Foster

Photo: Trav McAvaddy

Erica Keelen

Photo: Daryna Barykina

Sarajane Maples

Photo: Daryna Barykina

The winner will receive their special #NAHAmoment award onstage at NAHA on January 25, 2020. Who’s your fave?