Natalie Salcedo On Using L’Oreal Professionnel’s Metal Detox For Her Blonde and Balayage Clients



Look, it’s no secret that we have metals in our hair. Everytime we shower, trace amounts of minerals, such as copper, penetrate our strands through the water and find their way inside our hair fiber. While these metals aren’t detrimental to our actual health, they can build up over time and cause big problems during color, balayage, and lightening services—namely, breakage and unreliable color results.

Luckily, combating the negative effects of metal on your clients’ hair is as simple and easy as adding L’Oreal Professionnel’s Metal Detox to your in-salon services. Thanks to its key ingredient glicoamine, this three-step professional protocol has the ability to penetrate and neutralize metal inside the hair fiber and detoxify hair, resulting in 87 percent less breakage and 100 percent reliable color results with your clients. 

That’s right, Metal Detox really does make a real difference during salon services which is why salon professionals such as hairstylist and balayage specialist Natalie Salcedo consider themselves such big fans of the line.

“L’Oreal Professional’s Metal Detox line is my favorite thing to use right now because so many people unknowingly have metals in their water, so it’s a great way to protect the integrity of the hair while doing a lightening service!” she says.

If you’ve been looking to add the Metal Detox system to your color services, you’re in luck! We spoke to Salcedo to get insight on how she uses the line with her blonde and balayage clients—from start to finish.

Ahead, take a look at her breakdown for how to use Metal Detox during your next color appointment. 


“Once the client sits in my chair, I do a quick consult. If it’s a returning client, I just go over basic questions to make sure that nothing’s changed since our last appointment,” Salcedo says. “I have a lot of college girls whose school water is absolutely awful so it’s important to ask these questions to make sure you are considering every variable when you are lightening because you never know what could cause uneven color results!”


“The first step is to spray the Pre-Treatment evenly on dry hair and let it air dry. I do this before mixing so by the time I am done mixing and get back to my clients, it has already dried completely,” Salcedo explains. “The Pre-Treatment neutralizes the metals inside the hair and protects it, giving you more reliable results.”


“The great thing about [Metal Detox] is you can use it for lightening services OR color services. This is a great line that eliminates the crazy “what ifs” that contribute to damage and/or even color results,” she says. “Go on with your service as normal. This has absolutely no impact on lift and there’s nothing you need to change with your application.”

At the moment, Salcedo’s favorite lightener to use is Redken’s Flash Lift With Bonder Inside with Redken Shades EQ. You can also find her using Framar brushes and foils as well as a cooboard


“The next step is to rinse out the lightener with lukewarm to cool water and follow with the Metal Detox Shampoo,” Salcedo says. “This is an anti-metal cleansing cream that gently pulls all those metals out and detoxes the hair from any impurities that would affect the toning process.”


Proceed with your toning/glazing service as normal, says Salcedo.


“After rinsing out the toner, follow with the Metal Detox Mask which is an anti-deposit protective mask that prevents the metal particles from entering the hair fiber again. It seals the rest of the cuticle down and provides such soft and touchable shine,” Salcedo says. “I usually like to leave this on for about 5-10 minutes and it’s a great way to cap off the toning service.”


“What’s a service without an amazing style at the end?” Salcedo shares. “I like to use Moroccanoil All-in-One Leave-In Conditioner which is a great way to prep the hair for styling, as it provides thermal protection and acts like a detangler. I spray some Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray for some extra heat protection. I use my Dyson Professional hair dryer to rough dry to about 70%-90% depending on the hair’s density and texture, then use a round brush to smooth everything out. Once dry, I heat up my BioIonic Long Barrel Styler (I have both the 1.25” and the 1”) for a gorgeous loose wave to compliment my work. Once those curls cool down, I finish off with some Moroccanoil Treatment Light (which is perfect for blondes) to seal those ends while brushing out the curls with my fingers and spray with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray for a texturized yet touchable hold.”

If you’re ready to transform your clients’ strands, be sure to purchase the complete Metal Detox system at Saloncentric

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