Odele’s First-Ever National Brand Campaign Spotlights the Deeply Personal Relationship We Have With Our Hair


Odele is keeping the exciting releases coming—this time in the form of its first-ever national brand campaign.

For their new campaign, called “Get Along With Your Hair,” the clean haircare brand spotlights the lifelong relationship that consumers have with their hair. By diving into the stories of their strands, the brand showcases that how we feel about our hair is a personal journey with many ups and downs, ages and stages, and highs and lows. However, throughout this evolution, the brand reaffirms that it is here to help you “get along with your hair.”

This undeniable link that exists between our hair and ourselves is echoed by the results of a recent nationwide study that Wakefield Research conducted on 1,000 women over the age of 18, which found that for 68% of women, how their hair looks impacts how good their day will be. Additionally, it revealed that 92% of women frequently find themselves at odds with their hair, which further indicates how complex our relationship with our hair is. 

This integrated campaign, which was shot by director Carissa Gallo, includes 15- and 30-second spots that will air nationwide across connected TV, social, and digital platforms. 

Visuals from the campaign spotlight a number of Odele’s best-selling products, including Volumizing, Smoothing and Moisture Repair regimens, Hair Oil, Dry Shampoo, and the Clarifying Shampoo. In addition, throughout July and August, there will be over 60 out-of-home ads throughout Chicago. The brand selected Chicago for its first foray into out-of-home ads, as a nod to their midwestern roots, but also for its strong consumer base and retail presence for Odele.

Image courtesy of Odele 

“This campaign is about celebrating and embracing the journey—whatever that looks like for you,” said Lindsay Holden, Co-foudner at Odele. “It’s personal but relatable; reminiscing about that time your mom gave you a questionable bowl cut, bonding over the decision to get bangs, taking risks, complimenting others on their hair style or color. Celebrating good hair days (and commiserating on the bad ones) are truly ties that bind. Your hair is one of the longest relationships you have; you literally grow together. This growth idea of embracing the journey over the destination for our first campaign felt spot on, a platform upon which we can continue to build.”

Odele’s new campaign was created in partnership with Slim Creative of New York, who was selected for the assignment following a competitive pitch in 2023. Working together, Odele and Slim Creative—which happen to both be helmed by a trio of female founders—collaborated on a campaign strategy that centers around the natural relationship we have with our hair throughout our lives, along with the many intimate and diverse memories we associate with it.

Speaking on the campaign, Julie Liu, Co-Chief Creative Officer/ Partner at Slim Creative said, “We wanted to be real and raw with the challenges and triumphs of our hair, sharing the daily realities rather than focusing on just the aspirational. The truth and root of it all is that hair, in whatever state it may be in, is a constant and evolving part of our lives. And like any relationship, the one with your hair ebbs and flows. The campaign captures that by speaking to the connection people have with their hair, using relationship language and real personal photos to highlight the unique stories that everyone can relate to.”

For those not privy to the haircare brand, Odele—which means “to share” in Norwegian— was founded by Holden, along with Britta Chatterjee, and Shannon Kearney, with the goal of democratizing the beauty space with clean and inclusive products. Since launching officially in 2020, the brand has experienced astronomical growth and expanded nationwide distribution into some of the largest retailers in the country. 

“Odele has experienced tremendous discovery to-date through earned media and scores of beauty awards, word of mouth, and at the shelf,” said Kimbelry Francis, Chief Growth Officer at Odele. “We know that our consumer doesn’t necessarily want a 10-step approach to their hair care, and it’s in our DNA to focus on elevating essentials and not overcomplicating the process. Odele’s line-up of accessible products makes it a little easier to get along with your hair—no matter the type and texture.”

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Camille Nzengung

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