Odele Is Now at Ulta Beauty—The Brand’s Founders Tell All


If you’ve been dreaming of seeing Odele’s clean haircare products at your favorite Ulta store, consider your wish granted. As of today, the gender-neutral haircare brand has officially launched at Ulta Beauty, rolling out at over 1,300 Ulta stores as well as online at ulta.com.

That’s right: From the fan-favorite Air Dry Styler to the award-winning Leave-in Conditioner that people can’t stop talking about, Ulta shoppers will now be able shop eleven of the brand’s most best-selling products while racking up those Ultamate Reward points. Oh, and did we mention that all of Odele’s offerings have been certified under all five pillars of Conscious Beauty at Ulta? We love to see it!

An assortment of the Odele Products that will be available at Ulta Beauty. Image Courtesy: Odele

This recent partnership with Ulta marks an exciting new chapter for the haircare brand, as they now celebrate their third anniversary. The brainchild of Lindsay Holden, Britta Chatterjee, and Shannon Kearney, Odele first burst onto the scene in January 2020 and quickly won over hair lovers with its salon-grade formulas, accessible price point, super chic packaging, and inclusive messaging. Since its launch, the brand has sold exclusively at Target—until now. 

Odele’s co-founders: Shannon Kearney (left); Lindsay Holden (middle); Britta Chatterjee (right). Image Courtesy: Odele

With so many exciting things currently happening at Odele, The Tease reached out to the co-founders to discuss some of the brand’s recent happenings, including the partnership with Ulta. Here, Holden and Chatterjee talk about Odele’s evolution, the current haircare landscape, and how it really feels to have their products on Ulta’s shelves.

The Tease: What was your original vision for Odele as a haircare brand, and what’s the evolution been like over these last three years?

Britta Chatterjee: Our initial vision for Odele was to simplify the hair care aisle with a product and brand that did “all the things,” as Lindsay (my fellow Co-founder) always says — and make finding the right shampoo (or conditioner or styling aid) for everyone in the household an easy decision, aka avoid analysis paralysis at shelf. We also had a vision of working for ourselves so that we could call the shots on how we spent our time at work and so that we could balance our career demands with the demands of motherhood — a delicate dance all mothers know well.

We knew we had something special with Odele, but the responses to the brand and product has been more than we could have imagined. It’s pushed us to grow faster in order to keep up with our demand and think outside of the box to manage expectations for growth while keeping our decisions grounded in our promise to relentlessly pursue safe, efficacious products and building a sustainable lasting brand.

Lindsay Holden: Yes, all the things! We honestly saw a glaring white space for products that deliver against our high expectations … meaning haircare that is high performing, clean, elevated and shareable. A brand that addresses benefits sought by all hair types + textures and a solution that can be enjoyed (shared) across all ages + genders. As for our vision? It’s to become a household name, a shower staple. These last few years have certainly been an adventure! To put Odele out into the world was a pretty vulnerable moment, but to be seen for what we stand for, embraced and loved has been nothing short of awesome.

Image Courtesy: Odele

What’s exciting you most about the haircare landscape today and Odele’s place in it?

Chatterjee: I applaud consumers for making demands to brands to be more responsible, transparent, and honest. And I say give the people what they want—and deserve. Our transparency, honesty and desire to do right by the consumer drives us every day, and we believe our consumer recognizes how much we put into our brand and products. Now, three years into the industry, we have the platform to take it even further. 

Holden: We see new entrants and great concepts every season. I love how specific new technologies are getting, as well as the increased focus on prioritizing overall hair health. On the flip side, there is also a lot of noise. There have been brands that have come and gone faster than I’ve run through a bottle of our Air Dry Styler (and I use it quite frequently). 

It’s a lot to navigate, and frankly, not a lot of consumers have time or patience to do just that. It doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t care about feeling good about what they’re using on themselves and their people. In a world where the options are endless, Odele is here to be the obvious choice.

How does it feel to be launching in Ulta Beauty?

Chatterjee: Honestly, it feels like a bit of a dream. We’ve been planning and working towards this for years, and to see the brand on shelves and to have the support from the team at Ulta Beauty behind us—it’s incredible. Pinch us.

Holden: Amazing! Ulta Beauty is the authority on all things beauty and to have their endorsement via nationwide distribution is an incredible stamp of approval. I love how they’re standing for a broader range of price points—and how we get to declaratively represent that  in hair care. They have already proven to be fabulous partners. This feels like the start of a long-term, very impactful relationship.

Image Courtesy: Odele

With the success that Odele has seen at Target and now with your recent expansion into Ulta Beauty, do you plan on expanding into even more retail spaces?

Chatterjee: Part of the Odele MO is to make Odele as accessible as possible, to everyone who wants it, without barriers to purchase or difficulties in the shopping experience. We know that kind of friction costs loyalty, so ensuring easy accessibility to the brand is key. We want to be where our consumer is and where the retailer supports us (a la Target, Ulta Beauty + CVS Pharmacy); all in due time.

Between retail expansion and new product launches, so many exciting things are happening with Odele. What else can we look forward to from the brand in 2023?

Holden: Thank you! We couldn’t agree more. So. Many. Things. We’re always in go mode, so while we are certainly celebrating these big moments, we are also living two years ahead; tackling product, brand, distribution and CSR questions alike. What else can we create that is meaningfully differentiated from what we already offer? What are consumers wanting/ demanding that’s more than a trend or a fad? What pushes the boundaries of what one would expect from a masstige brand? How can we continue to keep improving upon our footprint and evolving how we give back? How do we continue to grow within our current retail partnerships and help deliver on their priorities as well as our own? Where else are our consumers shopping and discovering that next beauty find? While we can’t share more just yet…stick with us for the ride. It will not be boring!

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