Olivia Garden Officially Makes Brushes For Barbers Now


After first conquering the professional hair tools category with their high-quality, innovative, and cutting edge brushes, Olivia Garden has now set its sight on the niche barber market with the release of its brand new collection. 

Image courtesy of Olivia Garden

Designed specifically for barbers, the OG Barber Collection offers a wide range of enhanced tools that are exclusive to men’s grooming. Most notably, this new collection includes paddle and round brushes featuring ceramic + ionic technology with ion charged bristles to help hydrate the cuticle, eliminate frizz, and add shine to hair. 

For Olivia Garden, the decision to expand its hair tools offerings was a bit of a no-brainer given the rise in dedicated artisan barbershops and demand for brushes unique to styling men’s and short hair.

“Olivia Garden has been creating innovative tools for the professional salon industry for over fifty years and it is about time we entered the barber space,” said Anne Maza, Co-Owner of Olivia Garden. “We created the OG Barber Collection with valuable features that assist barbers in getting the job done with ease and comfort every time.”

Image courtesy of Olivia Garden

OG fans will be excited to know that the OG Barber Collection is available in two different designs for varied usage. The OG Barber Vented Paddle Brush features OG’s signature scalp-hudding design which massages the scalp with comfortable ball tips which allow for quick detangling while its ion-charged bristles hydrate the cuticle to add shine. Its vented design also maximizes airflow for ultra-fast drying so barbers don’t have to worry about there being more heat on the hair than absolutely necessary. 

As for the OG Barber Round Brush, it features a barrel designed for creating shape and volume. Not to mention, it is equipped with Olivia Garden’s high-quality ceramic coating that retains heat evenly, allowing hair to dry so much faster. But, the best part has to be the V-shaped bristle design that allows for barbers to easily pick up even the shortest hair and control tension. 

Whether you decide to go for the Vented Paddle Brush or the Round Brush design, you can expect each brush to be uniquely designed with a stunning tortoise shell effect that appears differently on each brush. It’s also worth noting that both designs offer an ergonomic handle design that is non-slip, great for easy rotation, suitable for all hand sizes, and entirely snag-free due to a retractable sectioning pick.

If you are ready to snag one of these incredible brushes from the OG Barber Collection yourself, they will be available on the Olivia Garden website as well as at select Olivia Garden retailers.

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