Paul Mitchell Just Launched Three New Neuro+ Styling Tools—Artistic Director Paula Peralta Tells All



Paul Mitchell never ceases to amaze us with their new innovations, particularly when it comes to their styling tools. The professional hair styling brand recently introduced three new tools as part of its Neuro+ Collection—the Neuro Dry+, Neuro Curl+, and Neuro Style+—that are designed to elevate your blow-drying, curling, and styling experience. As these tools are equipped with advanced NeutraHeat™ Technology, they are able to deliver consistent, even heat while styling, ensuring that stylists can achieve fast, healthy-looking results with minimal heat damage. The Neuro Dry+ has already emerged as a fast favorite in the hairstyling community. Not only did it sell out as soon as it launched with hair pros, but it was also the #1 SKU sold at CosmoProf during the month of May.

Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell

To learn more about this incredible trio of styling tools, The Tease connected with Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Paula Peralta, who has firsthand experience using them in the salon and on her many travels. Here, we chat about the Neuro tools’ unique features, the exciting styling possibilities that they offer, and her pro tips for heat styling. Keep scrolling for her incredible insights. 

The Tease: Paul Mitchell recently just launched three new heat tools (the Neuro Dry+, Neuro Curl+, and Neuro Style+) as part of their Neuro+ Collection. What do you find most exciting about the brand’s newest heat styling innovations?

Paula Peralta: One of the most exciting things about the Neuro innovation is the ease and versatility! A blow dryer that folds up for travel, a curling iron that can create waves, ringles, or a blowout effect, and a smoothing iron that smoothes and styles. Having three tools that do it all is a game-changer!

A closer look at the Neuro Dry+. Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell

Of the three tools in the Neuro+ Collection, which do you find yourself reaching for most often and why?

Peralta: The Neuro Dry+ is permanently attached to my hand! The diffuser attachment is one of my favorites and creates perfect curls. The comb attachment makes braid prep or silk presses a breeze! The adjustable temperature and air flow has reduced my blowout time behind the chair. Not to mention, the folding feature makes on-the-go styling a breeze! Anyone that picks it up is just as obsessed as I am!

When it comes to heat tools, what factors tend to be the most important  for hairstylists? And in what ways do you think the new Neuro+ tools cater to those specific needs with their distinct features?

Peralta: One of the most important factors is adjustable settings. The Neuro+ settings make these tools perfect for every hair texture, formation, and desired hairstyle.

A closer look at the Neuro Style+. Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell

All of the Neuro+ tools use NeutraHeat™ Technology in the form of a neutralizing ion generator and SmartSense+ Microchip. Can you give us a little insight into how this technology works and what key benefits are for stylists who use these tools? 

Peralta: The SmartSense+ Microchip monitors the temperature and adjusts almost instantly so you can move through high density hair without having to wait for the iron to recalibrate or reheat, we are talking high-tech efficiency!

In your opinion, how have the new Neuro+ tools helped to elevate the overall heat styling experience for you and your clients?

Peralta: The Neuro+ Collection is incredible for everyone because you can adapt and adjust based on texture, density, or desired end result. Clients are loving the versatility of looks from just three tools.

A closer look at the Neuro Curl+. Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell

Can you share a pro tip for using the Neuro+ tools to ensure the best results when working with clients?

Peralta: Maintaining the integrity of the hair is the priority. I alway recommend using a thermal protectant like Neuro Prime HeatCTRL Blowout Primer or Neuro Protect HeatCTRL Iron Thermal Protection Hairspray before any heat styling. Also, be sure to start with a lower heat setting and work up—you would be surprised how much magic you can create at lower temperatures!

Quannah Chasinghorse styled by Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Paula Peralta for the 2024 Met Gala. Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell.

Lastly, what have been some of your favorite hairstyles to create currently with the new Neuro+ tools?

Peralta: Quannah Chasinghorse’s braids and soft waves for the Met Gala were created with the Neuro Dry+ and Neuro Curl+. The barrel of the Curl+ is the perfect size and length to create soft texture on long hair. In the salon, I love the Neuro Curl+ because the adjustable tension control allows me to create the popular undone texture that my Los Angeles long haired clients loved—we call them “cool girl waves.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the new Neuro+ tools, they are available for purchase in limited quantities at And for all things Paul Mitchell, be sure to follow @paulmitchell and @paulmitchellpro on Instagram.  

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