Rebel Soul Collective Takes a Bold Approach to Women’s Apparel


One company encouraging women to exude confidence is apparel brand Rebel Soul Collective. The Los Angeles-based brand is made to empower women to make daring choices and express themselves through their clothing. Perfect for lounging around or for making a public statement, each item is cozy, cute and sassy.

Founded by Marcia Lopez, Rebel Soul prides itself on being a Latina woman-owned brand that serves fellow women an outlet to express themselves. Their basic designs are accompanied with unique statements that not only help wearers feel bold but also lets onlookers know that they’re unafraid to speak up.

Expressive Loungewear

Adorned with empowering statements, occasional political takes, and even warnings, each of Rebel Soul’s offerings is perfect for those wanting to voice their opinions in a fun way. With everything from satin bomber jackets and hoodies to socks and face masks, there is something for everyone. The statement-making apparel not only lets wearers express themselves to others, but it’s perfect for at-home wear as well.

Rebel Soul has even created special collections of loungewear that are perfect for the current state of the world. Their Back Up and Don’t Touch Me collections are full of pieces encouraging others to social distance. With many items embellished with the phrases, “Back the F*ck Up” and “Don’t F*cking Touch Me,” each piece will keep people away even post-pandemic. And we’re so here for it!

Not to mention, all items are ethically created in WRAP certified factories and are screen printed locally in Los Angeles.

Giving Back

Along with their bold apparel, Rebel Soul also dedicates itself to supporting important causes. In fact, a portion of sales from their current F*ck Racism collection are being donated to Color of Change, Reclaim The Block and the ACLU. The brand revealed back in December that they’d donated 20k so far to the three organizations. In addition to these donations, Rebel Soul has also previously supported Planned Parenthood, RAICES, Together Rising and The Gentle Barn.

Needless to say, when you wear Rebel Soul, you’re not only making your voice heard in a fun way, but you’re also supporting organizations striving for change.

Click here to shop Rebel Soul Collective. And be sure to follow the brand on Instagram for more bold statements.

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