Recreate Ayo Edebiri’s Met Gala 2024 Hairstyle — Custom Floral Hairpiece Not Included


Ayo Edebiri continues to supply endless hair inspo. “The Bear” breakout star worked with celebrity hairstylist Miles Jeffries for the 2024 Met Gala and the two dreamed up an updo that works just as well for the “Garden of Time” theme as it would for a guest at a garden wedding. Yes, there were incredible floral hairpieces made to mimic her custom Loewe gown by designer-of-the-moment, Jonathan Anderson.

Ahead Jeffries shares exactly how to get the look with Maui Moisture styling products and Olivia Garden hair tools. Keep scrolling for a detailed breakdown!

Get the Look:

  1. “To get Ayo’s chic and sculptural look I started by prepping her damp hair with Maui Moisture Hair Styling Frizz-free Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Mist. Make sure to thoroughly detangle, neatly section the hair into quadrants, twist and clip to keep the hair organized. This will really set you up for speed and efficiency.
  2. I then went in with Olivia Garden Super HP Dryer using the comb attachment to dry and stretch each section.
  3. Once the hair is 100% dry, I sprayed Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture + Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist before flat ironing. Using this before any hot tools will add a layer of heat protection and give the hair beautiful luster and shine. Because I pulled the hair back, I used a bit extra for some added control.
  4. After the desired texture was achieved, working off of a center parting, I organized the hair in a low ponytail leaving some pieces out by the ear to creat balance and add softness. This step is individual. Play with the amount of hair left out to see what’s best suits you.
  5. To finish the look, I used some of the stunning 3D cotton flower guipure hand painted and hand embroidery plaque to sculpt a hairpiece that I then wrapped the hair around to hold it in place. Inspired by the sleeping beauty theme of the MET, translated it into sensorial craft.”

If you do recreate this look, whether for a client or for yourself, we want to see it. Especially if you add floral hairpieces! Tag @readthetease on Instagram or TikTok.

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