Recreate Brooks Nader and Christie Brinkley’s SI Swim 60th Anniversary Issue Hairstyles With These Living Proof Products


Hard to believe but Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is celebrating its 60th anniversary. To celebrate, many former cover stars, dubbed “legends” were invited to grace this year’s cover — without a swimsuit in sight! DJ Quintero, celebrity stylist and member of Living Proof’s Stylist Squad, worked with a handful of talent for this year’s issue, including Kate Upton, Christie Brinkley, Martha Stewart, and Lily Aldridge. Another member of the brand’s Stylist Squad, Mitchell Ramazon, styled Brooks Nader and Camille Kostek this year.

No surprise, the hair is nothing short of iconic. Big, bouncy, powerful and playful — everything clients will want for spring and summer. Luckily, Quintero and Ramazon shared how they created Brooks Nader and Christie Brinkley’s hair looks with The Tease. Scroll for step-by-steps!

Get the Look: Brooks Nader

Of the hairstyle, Mitchell Ramazon said, “We wanted Brooks to have lots of volume and for the hair to flow with movement. We imagined her being able to flip it side to side and for it to feel full with body.” Below, Ramazon’s breakdown, including exactly which Living Proof products were used on set.

  1. “Started the look off with Living Proof’s Full Texturizing Foam on damp hair, then blow drying the hair into roller sets. The texture gave us a hold that lasted all day and made the hair appear 30% thicker.
  2. Once the hair was set in place we sprayed Living Proof’s Flex Hairspray for a touchable hold that still has movement which was really important since we wanted to flip the hair back and forth on set.”

Get the Look: Christie Brinkley

Image courtesy of Living Proof

“The inspiration was effortless, individual beauty. Since all these women are ‘Legends’ at SI Swim we wanted everyone to feel as beautiful as they are,” said DJ Quintero. Scroll for expert styling tips.

  1. “Started on wet hair by using 3 pumps of the Full Texturizing Foam and spraying in Living Proof Blowout spray on her bangs.
  2. I then blew out her hair using a round brush to get as much volume as possible especially at the crown.
  3. I then went in with a large barrel curling iron and slightly bent the hair all over to achieve a natural looking wave texture.
  4. After putting in the texture I sprayed Dry Volume and Texture Spray all over and set the look with Flex Hairspray.
  5. Throughout the shoot I also used Flex Hairspray on set.”

Planning to recreate either of these styles for a client or yourself? Tag @readthetease on Instagram or TikTok so we can see and show you some love!

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