Returning to the Salon After COVID-19

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When we go back into the salon, we absolutely cannot expect our guests that we knew so well to be the same. I personally feel that the most difficult aspect of being on lockdown is not finances, but rather the mental and psychological challenges.

As salon professionals, we should anticipate that our consultations will take longer, as we do not know what is going on in that client’s head and how they have coped with this situation. We will need to have a lot of compassion and listen more to the guest than talk.

Also, as many clients come in for cutting and color corrections, we can look forward to the opportunity to make big changes in their appearance that may not have been an option before. Now more than ever, we need to understand the basics of the color wheel and consultation, as it will be a high priority when we start to color. For cutting, no one will be having a little trim. It’s time for that big change that they always wanted.

There are very exciting times ahead, and the community of stylists have really come together to support each other and take the time to better their skills. I, myself, have watched so much education virtually — which has been incredible and an absolute gift to not jump on a plane four times a week.

There is a new, exciting world ahead with many opportunities that we never had before. We are resilient as a race and can get through this with positive thinking and compassion for others by living a life of LOVE.

Sonya Dove
Sonya Dove
Global Creative Artist
For more than 20 years, Sonya, a native of Great Britain, has inspired stylists worldwide with her modern and innovative approach to cutting, coloring and styling. Her work has graced many magazines worldwide, yet she has still managed to maintain a clientele at The Doves Studio in Santa Monica, California.
Sonya Dove
Sonya Dove
Sonya Dove is a Wella Global Artist and Ulta Beauty Pro team member.