#RockYourVote in 2020 with ikoo



We built ikoo on a foundation of our values: to empower and inspire women of any hair type, race, creed, shape or shoe size. And ironically, our launch in the United States came at the same time when the country itself was reestablishing its values.

This year, U.S. salon professionals have seen the way politics can become personal: how public health regulations can impact your careers and livelihood. With the U.S. presidential election underway, we realized that our community needed a reminder: You are in control of your future and your country’s. All it takes is getting out to #RockYourVote.

First Rule of Feminism: Go Vote

If you follow us on social media or have been to our website, you’ve probably already met Lola. She’s our unapologetic It girl that says it like it is, makes the world a better place, and reminds you: Your dreams are more than possible. All it takes is using your own power to make a change and send waves. 

Think about it: If you pictured a perfect world, what would it look like? More love? More opportunity? More equality? Us too. The first step to making it happen is getting registered and submitting your ballot –– whether at the polls or ahead of time!

As salon pros, we know the mantra “If you want things done right, do them yourself.” Obviously, this election is no exception. We can’t wait for life to happen for us. Therefore, Lola and the entire ikoo team are encouraging you to be the change –– or make the change –– you want to see in the world.

It’s Up To You

Because the life of a salon pro includes a crazy schedule, don’t forget to plan ahead for Election Day. Start by grabbing your salon crew and making your Voting Day Plan! One option is to stagger schedules to give every team member time to vote. Or –– if possible –– salon owners can close the shop for the day to get everyone to the polls and send clients a powerful message: We’re on a mission.

November 3 is your chance to make your voice heard –– a chance that only comes once every four years. So, be loud, proud and make a statement. No matter your candidate, it’s time to rock your vote! To get started, visit www.usa.gov/register-to-vote. Then, share your Voting Day photos using #RockYourVote or tagging @ikoo_us and @readthetease.

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