Sam Villa Joins ArtistOnGo as Global Chief Educator


During a time when many salon professionals are seeking more control over their lives and their careers, ArtistOnGo is one platform working to address those needs with new AI technology designed to benefit both independent stylists and salon owners. 

As of last month, the platform recently went national and has tapped Sam Villa, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue, to be their Global Chief Educator to help support their mission of empowering hairdressers and salons.

“Sam is a leader in cultivating unity in the salon industry with #ArtistsSupportingArtists and #BrandsSupportingBrands,” says Dharmendra Manwani, Co-founder and CEO of ArtistOnGo. “And with his combined social following of 2.3 million followers, it was of course attractive for us to partner with him to help forge relationships between the many independent stylists and salon owners in his community looking for more flexibility, convenience, and rewarding experience. 

Most beauty professionals dream of being their own boss, and in the case of Gen Z artists, they aspire to be independent creators from day one. However, finding a place to work that suits their needs can be especially challenging. House calls are inconvenient, booth rental is expensive, and trying to rent a chair directly at a salon is very trying. But, ArtistOnGo is changing all of that by reimagining the way salons and artists work together.

“I believe ArtistOnGo is an opportunity for everyone—think of it as a matchmaker for stylists and salons,” says Villa. “There are amazing salons with open chairs and independent stylists looking for more freedom and convenience. ArtistOnGo uses their technology to find the perfect match, and everyone makes more money, saves time, and has a better quality of life…it’s a win-win for stylists and salon owners.

Finding Solutions for Salon Professionals 

ArtistOnGo was launched by Manwani (who launched over 300 salons and worked with 10,000+ artists) along with Pat Parenty, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships (the mastermind behind SalonCentric and the previous president of L’Oreal Professional Products). Both Manwani and Parenty inherently know and understand the problems stylists and salon owners face and have come up with a comprehensive solution.

“We interviewed 200 salon professionals about their problems,” said Aarti Manwani, Co-founder and Head of Product. “The #1 was the hours they work. Most can’t work 10am–8pm, especially single mothers and parents who need to care for their children. The second was cancellations. Stylists are dependent on their clients so when they cancel at the last minute, it’s hard to charge them a fee for fear of losing them.”

To create healthy wealth, flexibility and convenience are key. Instead of stylists having to work a certain number of days/hours a week as dictated by someone else or a set monthly fee for a booth/suite, they now have the option of working as little or as much as they want and only have to pay for space on the days they actually work. This new freedom allows people to curate their lives in a much more meaningful way.

So, What’s In it For Stylists?

With ArtistOnGo’s AI-powered tech, stylists can find rental salons that meet their personalized needs—location, vibe, and community—saving over 50% on chair rental costs.

  • Salon and Stylist Matching Engine: This technology matches stylists with salons based on location, vibe, schedule, budget, and more.
  • Customize Flexible Memberships, No Contracts: Rent chairs hourly, weekly, or monthly and save 50% or more by paying only for the time used.
  • Hassle-Free Rentals: Chair rentals come with amenities like clean towels, back bar, and storage. Manage bookings, communication, and payments online.

What Are the Benefits for Salons?

Salon owners can earn $15,000 per month or more by transforming empty chairs into revenue without additional costs or effort. They also meet new talented artists from their community, co-sharing the space and growing financially together with clear boundaries. With ArtistOnGo’s AI-powered tech, salon owners can:

  • Build a free Listing in Less Than 10 Minutes: ArtistOnGo tech creates an online presence with all a salon’s information and preferences in just 10 minutes, so it’s easy to rent chairs.
  • Match with the Rights Stylists: ArtistOnGo’s AI tech matches salons with stylists who meet their criteria, and the salon owner has the power to approve every renter.
  • Hassle-Free Management: ArtistOnGo’s seamless tech handles all aspects of the rental business, including calendar management, bookings, chair availability, payment,and reports.

“At ArtistOnGo, we firmly believe that the future of the beauty and wellness community will be greatly enhanced when every beauty professional has access to the resources needed to operate autonomously,” says Manwani.

To learn more about ArtistOnGo, be sure to follow @artistongo on Instagram or visit And to keep up with Sam Villa, be sure to follow @samvillahair on Instagram.

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