Setting a NU Standard: Hair Care with Professionals from Research to The Salon 


Despite all the new products coming to our salons, the same pattern seems to stick. Textured hair of all types, as well as products intended solely for professionals, remain sidelined.  

As a third-generation hair care entrepreneur, Autumn Yarbrough has experience and insights that go well beyond “the box.” Her passion lies in innovation and thoughtfulness, prioritizing all types of textured hair and professionals.

In season three, episode two, of Volume Up by The Tease, Autumn shares how she has created her own legacy, set her own rules, and worked to have salon professionals by her side, with her brand NU Standard

“We’re setting a NU Standard — which is the name of our company. New standards in the industry making sure that the African American community, the textured hair community, the professional community, and the busy women on the go, are no longer left out or last in line in innovative products.”

This episode offers a behind-the-scenes look into the transformative impact of the NU Standard on the hair care industry. With Autumn’s dedication to understanding pain points, like hair damage and hair loss, that many people with textured hair have no choice but to accept, she’s brought new solutions to generation-long problems. 

The NU Standard lives in the lane of professional treatment and wants consumers to know it’s not always about color and style when in the salon chair, but treatment too. Autumn shares how professionals are involved in all steps at the NU Standard, from research to salon testing, because the magic happens in that salon– in the chair of a professional. 

“The professional has been by my side since the beginning, and making sure I have a healthy hair journey, and why my hair is the way it is. They’ve been by my side to help me form this company, they are on my team, they are in my back pocket, they hold my heart, they carry everything.” 

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream, and head over to our Instagrams and @readthetease and @volumeupbythetease

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Alyssa Santos

Alyssa Santos is an intern at The Tease. She is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studies marketing, graphic design, and digital studies. Alyssa enjoys channeling her creativity through innovative marketing strategies and both physical and digital art– but is also passionate about expressing her artistic side through makeup and hair.

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