Sienna Naturals Releases a Collection of Issa Rae’s Favorite Wash Day Products


If you’ve ever wondered what fabulous cocktail of products Issa Rae uses on her head of curls, wonder no more. The Insecure creator and star joined forces with clean hair brand, Sienna Naturals, to bless us all with her wash day regimen and we couldn’t be more excited! While these products won’t turn you into Issa (we can only dream, right?), they will help you rock your curls and coils with the star’s same confidence.

Called “Salon in a Box”, this collection of hair products is specially curated by Rae and comes delivered straight to your door. Modeled after a skincare routine, the collection is designed to help “restore scalp health and repair your hair from the stress of styling,” according to the press release. Available for preorder and retailing for $75, the kit includes the H.A.P.I. shampoo ($18), which hydrates and cleanses your hair without stripping it; Dew Magic ($18), a leave-in conditioner that softens hair with weighing it down; Plant Power ($22), a nourishing deep-treatment for dry or damaged hair; and Lock & Seal ($22), a hair oil designed to seal damaged hair cuticles.

To get the most out of the products, the brand highly recommends using Issa’s wash day ritual once a week. Kick-start your hair routine by cleansing your hair with the H.A.P.I. shampoo, working through your scalp to remove build up and dirt. Next, after shampooing, soak your strands with the Plant Power treatment for five to ten minutes before rinsing out. Follow up with Dew Magic post-shower and finish off by spritzing some of the Lock & Seal onto your hair.

If there is any doubt on whether these products actually work, just know that they come highly recommended from the star, herself. During her time in quarantine, Rae heavily relied on these four Sienna Natural products to keep her hair looking good and feeling healthy. In fact, her favorite product from the collection is Dew Magic, according to the brand’s website.

“I’m a huge fan of Dew Magic, our leave-in conditioner, “ she shared. “Whenever I choose a wash-and-go style, Dew Magic adds the perfect amount of moisture and weight without leaving a film.”

Not only is Rae a big fan of the brand and its products but, she’s also their newest business partner. In case you missed it, the actress announced last month her new role as co-owner (and face) of the black-owned hair brand, alongside founder and CEO, Hannah Diop. She and Diop teamed up to orchestrate a complete relaunch for the line and will be introducing more new Sienna Naturals products in the future.

To receive updates on future Sienna Naturals launches, be sure to visit their website or follow @siennanaturals on Instagram.

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