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This feature is in conjunction with paid inclusion in the Hello Salon Pro by The Tease April Box.

Happy spring, salon pros! It’s time to refresh your beauty stash with some new products from Hello Salon Pro’s April Box by We hope testing these new brands and products –– plus connecting with us at @readthetease –– will give you little moments to look forward to.

This curated collection of products has you covered from head to toe (or rather, hair to face to lips). We’re talking green ingredients, science-backed skincare, and micro-needling. Check out these five on-our-radar faves that will be showing up at your door this month, no handshakes necessary:

The Original ClassiCurl Roller

100% boar bristles on The Original ClassiCurl Rollers make for one bumpin’ blowout. These curlers can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair –– so whether you’ve got time for a full set or are just rolling out of bed, volume and shine is easy to create. snag. 

The unique design of these curlers lets you evenly distribute product by brushing through with their boar bristles. Afterward, wrap the hair to create a stronger grip for long-lasting volume. Finally, add heat with your favorite hair dryer and lock in the look with a cool shot. See the breakage-free blowouts you can create during an at-home demo.

Dermelect Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment

Want to get mouthy? Dermelect’s Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment pampers your pout with skin brighteners, peptides, and moisture-binding ingredients. Made to erase vertical lines, smile lines, and discoloration, this above-the-lip treatment evens and prevents the effects of premature aging –– so you can give as much lip as you want.

As with all skincare, be sure your hands are properly washed before applying. Then, add a dot of treatment to your finger and gently apply above your lips, below, and to the corners. Watch as hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen, and other anti-aging ingredients turn back the clock on texture. With regular application, you can kiss those creases goodbye. Lunatude Mineral Contour Shimmer Palette

Get a head start on that summer #GlowUp with the Lunatude Mineral Contour Palette. Six creme shades give you chiseled cheekbones and a strobe to the GODS with beautiful, natural finishes. These warm shades can work across skin tones and are versatile enough to apply to both your face and eyes.

Carve with “Bronzed Babe,” flush with “Cotton Candy,” and lift with “Moonlight.” Then, finish off feeling good about looking good thanks to the vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free ingredients in this palette. S20 Youth Serum

Too much of a good thing? Don’t know her. The S20 Youth Serum turns the dial UP on high-quality anti-aging for all skin types. With a collagen-boosting formula, this serum smooths lines and improves elasticity all while reducing redness and breakouts. And listen to this truth serum: no parabens, fragrance, alcohol, or dye. Just safe and effective ingredients that treat and protect. Mic. Drop.

To get the most out of the S20 Youth Serum, cleanse and dry skin before applying. Then, add a few pumps to your face or fingertips. (#ProTip: Keep things extra hygienic and avoid bacteria by holding the pump away from your skin as you apply). Massage in an even layer and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Eyetitude MicroNeedZ Eye Patches 

Who’s in for a little at-home acupuncture? Don’t worry –– the built-in hyaluronic micro-needles in the Eyetitute MicroNeedZ Eye Patches are totally safe and work wonders for puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Add a drop of your favorite serum (maybe even your S20 Youth Serum) and wear overnight to recover elasticity, restore moisture, and erase wrinkles under your eyes.

Treat yourself to these eye patches two times per week for the first two weeks. Then, make it a #SundayFunday habit and reduce to once per week to keep under eyes looking bright and refreshed. This beauty ritual is a perfect way to treat yourself after a long (sleepless) week.

We know life’s been crazy lately –– which is why we’re so excited to help you unwind and experiment with your beauty routine. Plus, the April Box is social-distance-approved: delivered straight to your door and filled with opportunities to connect online at @readthetease.

Let us know what you think of this month’s selection, and don’t forget: washing your hands only takes as long as singing the chorus to Queen B’s “Love on Top.” 

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