Spring Summer Trend Alert: 3D Jelly Nails


3D jelly nails have taken the nail art world by storm, making a striking appearance on various social media platforms, particularly on Instagram. This innovative gel nail technique merges the beauty of 3D designs with the translucent allure of tinted jelly, resulting in a mesmerizing and vibrant look that screams spring and summer vibes.


What sets 3D jelly nails apart is their versatility and endless creative possibilities. For nail art enthusiasts, the canvas is limitless with the ability to sculpt intricate designs like flowers, hearts, fruits, or even abstract patterns using clear gels. The ease and speed of application is what also makes this a winning look for busy salon professionals.  


To elevate your nail art game, experiment with different techniques to achieve stunning effects. Create mesmerizing swirls, outline hand-painted artworks, or mimic water droplets using thick viscosity gels.  These simple techniques over your color or nail art design can add depth and texture. The magic truly unfolds when you apply a sheer gel polish or tinted top coat under or over your 3D creations, bringing them to life with a splash of color and dimension.


While a myriad of jelly-inspired gel polish are available in the market, customizing your own jelly coat is a breeze. By mixing a drop of your favorite color into building gel, blooming gel, or gel top coat, you can customize the hue to match your envisioned design. Play with alcohol ink, gel polish, or gel paint to tint your jelly coat, allowing you to achieve a personalized and unique look that suits your style.


With 3D jelly nails, express your creativity, showcase your personality, and stay on-trend with the latest nail art craze. Whether you prefer whimsical floral motifs or bold geometric shapes, 3D jelly nails offer a playground for imagination where the sky’s the limit.


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Header photo by @nailchampion

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Alisha Rimando

Alisha Rimando started her journey in the nail industry working in a salon and soon became an educator. She immediately fell in love with teaching and found herself traveling the world as an educator, competitor and hand model for World Champion, Tom Holcomb. 

Alisha has authored and/or contributed to more than 10 textbooks and supplements for Cengage Learning including Milady Standard Cosmetology and continues this honor year after year. Alisha became a session artist for magazines, designers at NY Fashion Week and was even featured in Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight video. She also spent 3 years as Training Director at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas where she earned her reflexology license and trained over 360 nail technicians in 31 locations across the USA in the art of natural nail care.

Now she brings her experience and passion for the industry to GlossaryLive. GlossaryLive.com is a beauty & nail educational platform where you can feel confident that the information you are receiving is factual, the techniques tried and true, and the instruction… second to none. Learn basic nail applications to master-level nail art techniques from world-famous veteran nail competitors, judges, educators, authors, and industry gurus. At GlossaryLIVE, you can find advice on your business, check up on industry news, find resources, ask questions, and more. The first ever true global NAIL community!

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