Straightening Waves, Curls and Coils Safely


I love working with curly hair due to its versatility. Healthy, curly hair has a special voluminous, bouncy look when straightened. I ensure that the hair remains healthy and moisturized –– and most importantly, that the curls stay resilient.

Many clients with wavy, curly or coily hair like to straighten their hair occasionally. Many times, they like to experiment with curly hair for times like weddings, dances and any other event that will be heavily photographed.

It’s imperative that hairstylists know how to provide this service quickly and without compromising the integrity of the hair. I like to use the FrommPro Intuition 1” Square Thermal Brush when creating this style because it allows me to use tension to straighten the hair and add a curl to the hair when rotating the brush. I’m all about products and tools with multiple uses.

Get The Look:

After a cleansing shampoo, I deep conditioned this model’s hair by adding ingredients from your pantry (coconut oil and eggs) to the conditioner. This helped to add protein and moisture to her tresses to prepare them for the direct heat.

I then sectioned her curls into five large sections and detangled using a leave-in conditioner that doubles as a heat protectant. I combed through using the FrommPro Flexer Detangling Wet Brush. Next, I layered the Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream and Essations’ Naked Satin and Silkening Glaze to her strands.

To ensure the highest level of heat protection and evenly distribute the products, I used the Fromm Hot Paddle Brush. That brush really came in handy because I also used it to smooth each section.

To create the extra bounce, I used the Fromm Intuition Square Thermal Brush. I tend to lean toward square brushes because I can use them to pull the hair straight and add bounce and a curl. I love any item I can use multiple ways.

After a quick trim, we smoothed the hair with my FHI Platform TI Sleek Titanium Pro Styler. I also used the flat iron to add my movement to the ends of her shoulder-grazing strands. 

This blown out style should last until she shampoos again, which will be approximately 10 days. In order for her to maintain the style at home, she should either wrap her hair in a circular manner or put her hair in a high ponytail and twist the ends down and secure it in place. It’s important for her to cover her hair with a silk or satin scarf while she sleeps!

You can learn more by checking out my book, Get Out of Your own Way.

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Monaé Everett

Monaé Everett is a celebrity hairstylist, author, educator and public speaker.

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