Stylist Fade Game Strong

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­Here’s the thing, Men’s hair is *b*i*g* so big that stylists above and beyond barbers are using it to increase their book. Right this moment, #FadeGame is *still* the most lit. Here’s an example of #FadeGameTooLit:

The clean cuts, the perfect blending. At first, the initial cut can be kind of daunting, but if you trust the process, blend and take your time, the fade will flow perfectly.

But how does one do this correctly? Which fade is the best? Lots of questions that can be answered by @Abu_Barber’s posts.

The important part to this look for its flawless fade is blending, blending, blending.


Check out the hashtags #FadeGame #BarberFade and #FadeHairstyles for more inspiration for fade haircuts for your clients.