Surviving COVID-19 in Style


Since graduating cosmetology school in 2010, I’ve been eager to get out of bed every morning and get to work. I consider myself extremely blessed to have a career in which –– although the days may be long and grueling –– I have never dreaded Monday mornings. It would take a worldwide pandemic to make me close my doors and put my passion on hold.

Through the initial shock and fear for my family’s health, it took a minute to realize that I had lost my entire livelihood literally overnight. A whole new set of fears set in as I realized that, without warning, I had lost all forms of income.

Guilt took over as I anxiously awaited updates, hoping that salons would be allowed to open and knowing that many people were suffering personal illnesses or the loss of loved ones. As clients started reaching out to me for advice on upkeep and hairstyles that would get them through, I realized the importance of self-care and its ability to help people get through tough times.

Hair stylists, makeup artists and cosmetologists in general provide much more than just makeovers. For many people, the time spent at the salon is their only escape and time for relaxation. It is their time to vent and recharge from their otherwise busy life. They leave our chair feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

Creative solutions to an unprecedented climate were necessary.  If my kids could go to school via Zoom calls, then I could provide hairstyling services to clients who expressed an interest. I offered professional hair products and treatments for pick up and home application, as well as Zoom tutorials. I also offered home maintenance and styling advice for grown out hair.

It may seem ridiculous to worry about appearances in the middle of a pandemic. However, many professionals continued working from home, and beauty norms remained a factor in our daily lives. I enjoyed thinking outside the box and reconnecting with my clients. Being physically distanced, yet socially connected was mutually therapeutic and gave some sense of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic world.

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Claudia Molinar

Claudia Molinar is an Arizona-based hairstylist who specializes in blonding and balayage.

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