The 5 Best Personalized Beauty Brands & Products


Although beauty brands are beginning to offer a better variety of products based on skin type and color, the industry still has ways to go. Whether it’s skincare or makeup, it’s time that brands begin to recognize that their products aren’t always “one size fits all.”

While options are limited, customizable beauty products are possible and available — even from popular, high end brands. Here are five custom products guaranteed to elevate your personal beauty routine.

Skinsei Customized Skin Care

One skincare brand dedicated to providing customers with products that work for their own unique skin is Skinsei. All it requires is an extensive 28-question quiz, which takes your age, breakout patterns, skin type, stress levels and more into consideration, to create the perfect skincare regimen.

After completing the quiz, you’ll be given your own personal skin map that summarizes your most important concerns. Skinsei then gives you product recommendations based on how compatible they are with your own complexion. Products come in five or three step kits, and you can even subscribe monthly to receive a discount. 

Promising review: Amanda says, “I have never had such a great experience with any other acne/skincare products or routines. I love my kit, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!”

Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick

Best known for their wide range of lipsticks, Bite Beauty is another brand that offers custom products. Through their Lip Labs located around the US and Canada, customers get to develop their own custom lipsticks. At the lab, you create a unique shade and pick between a matte, satin, luminous or sheer finish. You also get to choose the flavor of your lipstick, and you can even name your shade, which is then engraved onto the tube.

While the custom lipsticks are usually created in person, you can also take part in the fun from the comfort of your own home! Bite is currently offering virtual services to ensure their customers are remaining safe during this time.

Promising review: Sarah says, “Overall, this is a great experience, and the product is really nice! I’ve noticed it stays on for hours, and it is so smooth when it’s applied, I forget I even have it on.”

Skin Inc. Personalized Serum

An additional skincare product you need to get your hands on is Skin Inc.’s Custom Serum. Like many other customizable brands, Skin Inc. offers an online quiz to discover products made just for you. In a 16-question “Skin Identity Check,” customers share their breakout patterns, main skin concerns, health habits and other relevant information to ensure the perfect skin serum.

Depending on your answers, the site will then present your “daily dose” of ingredients that make up your personalized product. You then choose your bottle color preference and are soon treated to a kit where you get to mix your personalized serum yourself.

Promising review: Tracy says, “I generally prefer no-fuss routines, but Skin Inc. products are so easy to use, effective and enjoyable. I feel like I have a spa facial at home every day.

Lancôme Le Teint Particulier Foundation

Another makeup product personalized just for you is Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier Foundation. For this product, all you have to do is go to a Nordstrom store near you and meet with a Lancôme makeup expert to ensure perfect results. Using a small tool, they scan your face in three different areas to measure your exact skin color.

After getting your perfect match, you then discuss your skin type and what kind of coverage you’re looking for. This information is used to create your own custom formula, and the foundation is produced right in front of you. Using different colored pigments, your unique shade is then presented in a bottle labeled with your name and shade number.

Promising review: Tiffany says, “I love this foundation because it looks really natural. It gives my skin a nice even color, and tones down my blemishes and redness without looking cakey.”

Eyeko Bespoke Mascara

Lastly, Eyeko’s Bespoke Mascara is tailored to your own personal lash preferences. While Eyeko does have an in-store option, you can also complete an online survey of three simple questions to find your perfect mascara. The survey first asks you to describe your natural lashes based on length, fullness and sparsity.

It then asks what’s most important to you in a mascara, like extra volume, added curl or more length, and provides three different brush options for you to pick from (the site can also pick for you!). You’re then given your own personalized mascara formula that’s tailored just for you.

Promising review: Jessica says, “This is the kind of mascara that makes eyelashes look luscious and full. It also comes with a small metal comb, which you can use after application to create an even smoother look. Love this!”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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