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This one definitely threw us for a loop…

First, clients tortured their locks with unprotected straightener use. Now, everyone’s looking to get big, beautiful curls (The grass always seems greener on the other side, right?). We’ve seen some familiar faces take a walk on the curly side (Olivia Munn and Emma Stone, we’re looking at you), and as long as you remember the importance of aftercare, stylists can get the trendiest clients wrapped around their fingers.

This contemporary take on the old-school trend definitely aims to be less dramatic than it’s ‘80s ancestors –– think less bubble perm, more cool-girl texture. For a step up from those beachy waves your clients typically rock, go for the high-intensity curls that come with a coil.

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First perm since the 3rd grade! ?

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As if moisturizing wasn’t important enough already, permed hair needs special attention to staying well-hydrated. Always recommend the best products (Maybe in your HSP box? We’re just saying.) to keep your clients’ hair happy and healthy. From there, all they can do is live their best, curly life.