The Beauty Industry vs. Domestic Violence – A Mental Health Series


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Here at The Tease, we are all about promoting mental health for our salon professionals and their clients. To kick off Mental Health Awareness Month we continue with another installment of Volume Up by The Tease’s mental health series. This week’s topic is heavy and can be triggering for some. If you or a loved one is experiencing domestic violence, contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or visit

To discuss this topic we welcomed Susanne Post. Susanne is a hairstylist, salon owner, and co-founder of Shear Haven. Shear Haven is an initiative of YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee.  Susanne is committed to educating her community on the signs of abuse as well as the resources available to help people experiencing abuse. Shear Haven’s domestic violence awareness education program equips stylists with the knowledge and tools to recognize the signs of domestic violence, successfully navigate conversations with clients who may be in danger and pass along tools that can help them get to safety. Susanne was an integral part of working to get Tennessee Legislation passed that requires domestic violence training for all cosmetologists.  

Susanne and Jeffrey discussed domestic violence in the beauty industry and how cosmetologists can be some of the first people to witness it in their clients. Susanne went on to explain how she started an expanded Shear Haven with YWCA as well as with Barbacide. She gave us the inside details about what the training is like and what it was like to be so influential in getting the legislation passed in Tennessee. 

If you are inspired by Susanne to take action RIGHT NOW, go to encourage you to share your certificate on Instagram! Please tag: Founders @ywcanashville, @su2she, and training host @barbicideblue to help spread awareness.

“Since we the online training back in 2017, that I’ve received messages worldwide from people who have connected with it on a personal level.”

“I heard about it initially when there was a law passed in Illinois. I heard about the concept of Domestic Violence training for beauty professionals.”

“So it will be in Spanish. I would love to also get it translated into other languages. So if anyone listening has the most fabulous Vietnamese translator or any other languages that we need to be able to offer, we would love to be able to do this for anyone who needs it.”

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