The Best Holiday Gifts for Barbers and Groomers, According to Celebrity Hair Pros


When it comes to finding the perfect gift for everybody on your list, it can be especially daunting trying to surprise your favorite barber or groomer. I mean, what do you get for someone who’s an expert in their craft and is already well-versed on all the latest and greatest tools or products?

If you’re feeling the pressure and need a little inspiration on what to gift them this year, we’ve totally got you covered. To help make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier, The Tease tapped some of our industry’s most talented barbers and groomers—including Andrea Pezzillo, Jovan Figueroa, and Michael Dueñas—to share their best gift ideas. Keep scrolling to shop their picks.

Andrea Pezzillo (@andreapezzillo), Celebrity Hairstylist and Men’s Groomer

Her Gift Picks

by.appt.only The Sidekick Crossbody Barber Bag

“This is the perfect grooming set bag or on-the-go barber bag. It’s like a large sling and is comfortable to wear with tons of storage and compartments. I use this all the time! This is a top gift for a barber or groomer.”

Shop: by.appt.only The Sidekick, $179.99

White Glove Depotting by “Kit Whisperer” Grishan Roof

“A session with Depot Chopra (Grishan Roof) to professionally make your kit travel-size in an aesthetically beautiful way. Traveling for work with full-size products is unnecessary and hard on the body.”

Shop: White Glove Depotting (Los Angeles), $850.00 for 8 hour session

iS Clinical Skincare Products

“Good skincare both for them and their clients. [iS Clinical] is a brand I use and use on my clients. Good skin is the base of any grooming service.”

Shop: iS Clinical Skincare Boxed Set, $95.00-$255.00

Y.S. Park Pro Clips and Hair Combs

“A set of really good combs and clips. We tend to lose these often and there is nothing like quality tools! This is my favorite brand for both.”

Shop: Y.S. Park Pro Clips, $7.90; Y.S. Park 254 Short Hair Design Comb Flex Shape Memory, $10.00; Y.S. Park 336 Fine Cutting Grip Comb, $14.00

Jovan Figueroa (@mocliving), STMNT Grooming Ambassador and Celebrity Barber

His Gift Picks

Portable 3-Way Folding Mirror

“Three-way mirrors give you a 360-degree view that eliminates blind spots, guesswork, and frustration that comes with trying to cut your own hair. This gift is great for barbers to get the job done right, using all angles provided. You also have the ability to hang it off on any surface that the built-in hooks can grab onto, giving you the ability to use both hands freely.”

Shop: Lipfi’s Barbershop The 360 Mirror, $24.99

Cord/Cordless Hand Massager

“Not only is this gift great for a barber to use on his client to create a better experience, but barbers benefit by being able to give themselves a quick neck massage between clients. [We] tend to have our heads slightly down, causing strain to neck muscles. We can use the quick spa-like feeling even if it is for a few minutes.”

Shop: BABYLISSPRO VIBEFX Cord/Cordless Massager (Silver), $142.99

Hot Towel Warmer

Image courtesy of Sally Beauty

“The towel’s warmth offers an effective way to improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and reduce any tension felt in the surrounding area where it is placed. A great way for a barber to destress!”

Shop: Modern Elements JLS-502 Small Hot Towel Warmer, $109.00

Michael Dueñas (@michaelduenas), Celebrity Hairstylist, Groomer, & Photographer

His Gift Picks

Every Man Jack Small Batch Beard Kit

“This is one of the most complete best-selling gifts you can get!”

Shop: Every Man Small Batch Beard Kit, $55.00

Every Man Jack Beard Brush 

“It conditions, cleans, and revitalizes every texture of the beard. With this beard brush, your beard will rule them all.”

Shop: Every Man Jack Beard Brush, $15.00

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