The Best Purple Shampoos to Combat Brassy Hair


If you work with or have blonde, silver or gray hair, you know the importance of a good purple shampoo. Without it, bleached or light hair can become dull and yellow. There are also a million options, but we’ve narrowed it down for you! 

Here are the 5 best purple shampoos.

Clairol Professional

Specifically created for blonde and silver hair, Clairol Pro’s Shimmer Lights will leave locks shiny without residue. At $9.59 a bottle, it’s the perfect for eliminating brassiness, and it will refresh highlights without effecting ashier tones.

Promising review: Helen says, “I love this shampoo, it’s so effective and affordable. It keeps my balayage caramel highlights from looking brassy. This stuff is also extremely pigmented (a lot of other purple shampoos are not) so it works very well for my hair.”

Not Your Mother’s

Maintain cool-toned blonde locks with Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment purple shampoo. The brand shared with us that the shampoo is safe for natural blonde, balayaged, highlighted or chemically lightened hair. It’s even sulfate, silicone and paraben-free! For just $7.99, the deeply pigmented formulation will help to brighten, enhance shine and hydrate hair.

Promising review: Angie says, “I use this every time I wash my hair, and I love it. My hair looks and feels fantastic. I especially love how well it works considering the price-point. I consider it a great value and intend to continue using it.”


Maintain vibrancy for only $16.99 with Joico Color Balance! Not only does this purple shampoo cleanse and neutralize yellow tones, it even protects color from fading. You’ll see results after just one wash.

Promising review: Alana says, “Works amazing! I’ve been wanting white/platinum blonde hair for a while, but it never seems to stay, or I can never completely get rid of yellow tone, but after only one wash, you can already see a difference.”

Kristen Ess

Kristen Ess The One purple shampoo instantly illuminates and restores shine to yellowing hair. Not only does this purple shampoo work wonders, but it only costs $12. And it’s even safe for daily use!

Promising review: Elizabeth says, “Genuinely, I LOVE this purple shampoo!! I have tried others, and it is the best!! (especially for the price) Even my hairdresser was impressed with how well it toned my hair without turning it purple.”


amika Pro Educator, Olivia Flores revealed to us that amika’s bust your brass purple shampoo uses ultra-violet pigments paired with wild cherry bark extract to bring out color while combating all brassy tones. At $24, the shampoo guarantees cool toned results after each wash. With every use, you are improving elasticity, shine and luster.

Promising review: Taylor says, “This stuff has worked on both my natural hair and my extensions, creating an overall cool blonde tone. Highly recommend.”

Comments/reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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