The Best Self-Care Gifts For Those Who Need a Little TLC


Though the holidays are meant to be a time to express gratitude and spend time with loved ones, it can be hard not to feel a little stressed during these periods. If someone in your life is a bit wound up this December, or if you simply want to treat yourself, self-care is a great place to start! To ease your holiday shopping this season, we have rounded up all sorts of amazing self-care gifts that will deliver some much-needed TLC. Keep scrolling for all of our picks! 

Ouai Chill Pill Bath Bomb 

Transform any everyday bath into a pampering soak experience with the Chill Pill Bath Bomb.  Formulated with hemp seed oil, safflower oil, and jojoba seed oil, this jasmine-and-rose-scented bath bomb moisturizes, cleanses, and soothes the skin, while leaving you feeling super relaxed. 

Shop: Chill Pills, $30.00

Radixir Ice Globe Facial Massagers 

While a massage coupon may serve as a great gift, why stop at one when you can bless a special person in your life with unlimited facials? The Radixir Ice Globe Facial Massagers allow for easy pore tightening and de-puffing from the comfort of your home. Made from premium glass, these cooling globes accelerate blood circulation to promote brighter skin. 

Shop: Ice Globes, $39.00

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

One of the most critical ways to engage in self-care is through adequate and quality sleep. Pillowcases can have a huge impact on hair and skin, and a quality set of silk pillowcases can help anyone wake up looking and feeling their best. Silk’s best-selling pillowcases are lab-tested and hypoallergenic, ensuring hydrated skin and manageable hair for everyone. They also come in 24 different colors and patterns, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for anyone on your list! 

Shop: Pure Silk Pillowcase, $89.00

Big Feelings Nico Pajama Set 

For some people, self-care can be as simple as slipping into some comfy pajamas. This Nico Pajama Set from Alice + Olivia founder Stacey Bendet’s newly launched brand, Big Feelings, are made with a breezy cooling fabric that will feel amazing on your skin. It also features a moldable waistband and super chic side stripes for a stylish touch.

Shop: Nico Pajama Set, $175.00

Peach Slices Snail Rescue Intensive Wash Off Mask 

This snail mucin mask from Peach Slices is the perfect solution for anyone dealing with stressed skin. Formulated with 95% snail mucin,  this unique jelly mask combats skin blemishes and dark spots while also offering deep hydration, making it the perfect product to get you through the dry winter months. 

Shop: Snail Rescue Intensive Wash Off Mask, $16.00

Candier You’re Doing Great, Babe Candle 

The best self-care routine is done accompanied by a mood- enhancing candle, and the brand Candier has you covered this holiday season. Candier meshes calming scents with cheeky names, like “Shine Bright Beautiful” and “But First, Skincare”, making them a perfect gift. This candle, in particular, has notes of pear, jasmine, nectarine, apricot, patchouli, and vetiver.

Shop:  Be You For You Candle, $31.00

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Manon Bushong is currently an Editorial Intern at The Tease. Manon adores liquid eyeshadows, thrifting, and spontaneously changing her hair color. Manon loves experimenting with semi-permanent hair color, and her favorite brands for them are Overtone and Loreal Colorista.

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