The Call to Change: Becoming a Better You in the Year of 5



I refer to 2020 as our year of cleansing. It pulled back the layers and revealed the many things mankind had to change in order to live harmoniously. As we live through a political insurrection that showcased yet another display of racial inequity, another phase of COVID-19, a challenging vaccine rollout, a rise in unemployment numbers, housing moratorium, food shortages, and the climate changing faster than we can blink our eyes, the tides of change are upon us.

According to numerologists, 2021 is the year of five. The number five is one of the single digits — the building blocks within the study of numerology. Because the number five is exactly in the middle of numbers one through nine, it is considered a pivotal point for change. It symbolizes the creation of new and innovative ideals that are going to reshape the way we live our lives.

As we look to the challenges we faced in 2020, many of which we still face today, they take on a new meaning. They have become lessons that have taught us about setting healthy boundaries that better serve our values and ourselves. This all translates to how we move through the world and can make it a better place; not just for ourselves, but for all global citizens.

The year of five is also about the beauty of uncertainty. I think uncertainty was a major life lesson for us all in 2020 — not being in control and not knowing where life’s ride would take us next. 2020 set a new foundation and gave us a new belief system. It took us back to the basics of steadying our emotional and spiritual ecosystems, making us more malleable and resilient to just embrace life as it happens. We learned to accept our realities and do away with the need to create personal, fictional stories or implied meanings. Don’t get me wrong, taking life for what it is now comes with a heightened sense of being present. It takes commitment to loving ourselves first and investing in the life we want to have.

Instead of making unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, challenge yourself to craft a better version of you. Stop using retail therapy to fill a void, put more money away for rainy days, get a therapist instead of emotionally taxing loved ones, learn something new, or invest time into making a deferred dream come true.

As we crack open the door to 2021, may we all remain healthy and safe, practice compassion, be good to ourselves, be patient, be fearless, and continue to rise above. Let’s greet this new year of hope and change with open arms. This time may feel chaotic, but after the breakdown there is breakthrough — and the breakthrough provides clarity.

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