The Doux Delivers the Silk Press of the Future


I’m a self-proclaimed consumer research geek. Understanding people’s pain points helps find gaps in the marketplace that lead to opportunities for new products to fulfill unmet needs. 

Over a decade ago, I conducted a consumer study on the natural hair movement and uncovered a segment of the community that had been woefully ignored. While hair product brands were clamoring for the attention of curly and coily ladies, the “naturally straight” woman had nothing to address her unique needs. In fact, during that time, the natural hair community struggled to acknowledge that this woman had a valid voice within the textured hair space since her curls and kinks were not on full display for the world to see.  Who is she? The naturally straight woman wears her natural tresses heat-styled, giving the look of a relaxer but without chemical straightening.  In general, this woman visits the salon every two weeks for a silk press—the process her professional stylist undergoes to transform tightly curled or kinky natural texture into silky, soft, straight strands. 

Since conducting that research more than 10 years ago, hardly any products for home or salon use have been developed and marketed to the naturally straight woman or her stylist. But now, a new line of salon-quality products specifically formulated to deliver a higher level of heat and damage protection for what is being called the “silk press of the future“, has finally come to the mass market.

Multicultural hair care brand, The Doux, has introduced Press Play, the highly anticipated thermal styling system for textured hair. The company takes a bold, innovative step forward with bond-stabilizing technology that has been tested to strengthen and repair bonds with a bond-building complex called Doux-plex™. Developed by the company’s founder and CEO, cosmetologist Maya Smith, the system protects textured hair from damage caused by thermal styling. 

The brand has experienced much success with Mousse Def Texture Foam, the #3 ranked selling product in the entire multicultural hair care category. Now, it’s entering an era of innovation with a proprietary blend of ingredients and infused into the Press Play Thermal Styling System for strengthening and repairing bonds. The 7-product system ensures that textured hair receives the care it deserves, preventing damage from thermal styling while providing a comprehensive solution for those who want both straight and strong natural hair.

In The Doux’s typical, throw-back brand position, the range includes:

Press Rewind – Curl Retention Shampoo

Strengthens as it cleanses to restore moisture, balance, prevent heat damage and preserve curls and coils.

Fast Forward – Heat Prep Conditioner

Prepares hair for heat styling delivering intense moisture to restore elasticity and strength while smoothing the cuticle.

Silent Treatment – 30-Day Anti-Humidity Spray

A heat-activated humidity shield infused with Keratin and a natural derived strand coating technology to protect hair from frizz for up to four shampoos.

Just Glaze – Silkening Fluid

A lightweight, non-greasy heat protectant to smooth cuticle, control frizz, block humidity, and prevent curl creep.

O.P.P. – One-Pass Press Heat Protection Spray

Formulated with a plant-based polymer to strengthen as it seals hair cuticle.

Doux Drops – Bonding Polish

Shine, seals, and protects to prevent heat damage before, during, and after use of heat tools.

Gangster Wrap – Foaming Wrap Lotion

For relaxed, natural, and transitioning hair to set pixies, roller sets, and wraps with a built-in heat protectant.

The system is now officially available at Target stores and online at as well as on

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Dwan V. White

Founder & Editor, Multicultural Beauty Insider 

A marketing strategist, product developer, brand architect, and self-proclaimed consumer insights geek, Dwan White’s career in the ethnic and multicultural beauty segment spans over 20 yrs. She has created and introduced over 200 hair and skin care products into the global marketplace, across 5 continents. In 2022, Dwan founded Multicultural Beauty Insider (MCBI), a digital media platform reporting business news, insights and trends throughout the $6.6 billion dollar U.S. ethnic/multicultural beauty vertical. Multicultural Beauty Insider Honors the Color of Beauty, giving the segment a media voice, while recognizing and rewarding the excellence of multicultural beauty brands and industry professionals.

Multicultural Beauty Insider

Multicultural Beauty Insider is a media voice, researching and reporting relevant business news, insights, and trends throughout the $6.6 billion dollar U.S. retail multicultural beauty vertical. Its mission is to Honor the Color of Beauty by driving impactful conversations, creating content that connects, educating to empower, and recognizing the excellence of brands and professionals within the ethnic/multicultural beauty segment.

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