The Lobe Strobe

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Highlighting is life #earhighlight ? When the talented @freshtasahak gets to play with your face ? Amazing festival makeup glam ? STAY TUNED to see the video on how we created this festive look @klaracosmetics ?

It’s no secret that the beauty world is obsessed with anything and everything highlighter. Until now, that shimmery goodness was thought to be exclusive to your brow bone, nose bridge and of course, your cheekbones. But makeup artists all over IG are shattering the boundaries and spreading the love to their ears. We know it sounds bizarre and even a bit extra, but we’re definitely about the “lobe strobe.”

Coined by Refinery29, the “lobe strobe” involves highlighting your outer and inner ear, tragus and/or lobe to achieve the same illuminating and lifting effect as your cheekbones. Once you see the difference, you simply can’t unsee it.

Looking for the optimal side profile selfie? We think we found the answer. The lobe strobe is a quick and easy way to take your highlighter game to the next level as an extension of the traditional technique.

Applying makeup on your ears is nothing new, though. Professional makeup artists have been applying glitter, paint and everything in between on ears for years. But this highlighting technique is definitely more natural and can be worn as an everyday look.

Although the trend didn’t blow up until now, Bretman Rock, Instagram famous beauty guru and influencer, has been boasting the trend since early 2016. We’re so sorry ears for leaving you out all this time.

So cheers to you fierce and fabulous makeup artists out there putting this trend into practice – we’re forever indebted to you.

The reason why I Highlight my ears ? .. ✨ you can’t catch these hands but you can catch this highlight ha bow dahh