The Next Big Thing in Nail Education

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For anyone who has always loved the eye-catching Japanese-style nail art on Vanity Projects Instagram, (like me), you can now learn the skills necessary to master these techniques yourself! Beginning April 2021, Vanity Projects will be launching Vanity Projects Institute (VPI), an online education platform for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

About VPI

Founded by Rita Pinto, VPI’s core mission is to merge top-tier talent with fine art sensibility. Vanity Projects’ Artist in Residence program at both the New York City and Miami nail ateliers was the inspiration behind this innovative, educational platform. Attendees will learn from master nail artist and Japanese Nail Association educator Kanae Yagi. VPI offers two courses (beginner and intermediate level) designed around using Japanese potted gel. Each course requires seven days to complete and students earn a VPI diploma at course completion.

VPI’s Courses

VPI nail courses utilize Canvas, allowing for an interactive learning experience in 33 languages.  Each course includes the opportunity to interact with other students in the course and the ability to pinpoint questions on an exact part of each video. The beginning course curriculum includes: prep, E-filing, basic gel brush skills, two simple gel designs, two mid-tier gel designs, group Q&A, and final test. The intermediate course includes: prep, focus on lines and brush skills, two mid-tier gel designs, two complex gel designs, a final test, and a one-on-one live session.

How to Register

Registration is now open at https://www.vanityprojectsinstitute.com! Tuition for the beginner level is $380, while tuition for the intermediate course is $500. Students are encouraged to purchase a Core or recommended kit to complete the tasks in the class. Additionally, VPI students receive a 17% discount on the Nail Labo website (the Japanese gel used in the course) while enrolled.

To get inspired, visit their IG here. And to learn more about my favorite nail trends and more, follow me at @shmeth on IG.

Beth Livesay
Beth Livesay
Pro Beauty, Nails & Fashion Publisher
With more than 12 years of publishing experience, Beth Livesay is an expert in the beauty and fashion industry. Most recently, she served as the Director of Brand Content Strategy at nailsmag.com and has overseen Nail Art Gallery Magazine, Salon Fanatic, NAILS Next Top Nail Artist, and NTNA All Stars.