These Authentic Beauty Concept Products Were Key to Lana Del Rey’s Coachella Headlining Hair


Coachella ’24 headliner Lana Del Rey resurrected her “Born to Die,” old Hollywood-inspired hairstyle for her set and we couldn’t be happier. Turning to celebrity hairstylist, and Authentic Beauty Concept’s Global Creative Advocate, Anna Cofone, the singer fully embraced nostalgia.

Of the look Cofone says, “Lana and I were inspired by Hollywood icons for this look — the likes of Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall. A timeless look that’s elegant yet updated — Hollywood waves in the desert. This look also pays homage to Lana’s look when we first started working together in 2011.” Cofone created this timeless hairstyle using Authentic Beauty Concept products exclusively and shared a step-by-step with The Tease. Keep scrolling for the breakdown! 

Image courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept

Get the Look:

  1. Start with Blow Dry Primer on the roots and Hydrate Spray Conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends for a smooth base. 
  2. Apply Shaping Cream and Nourishing Hair Oil on mid-lengths and ends for hydration and heat protection and to begin to build the look’s structure. 
  3. Using the Tymo Airhype, take small sections of the hair through a natural bristle round brush and alternate temperature settings to get the ultimate voluminous blowout – medium heat during the blowout and a blast of cool heat to set the curl. 
  4. Then, go in with the Tymo Cue 1.5” curling iron and pin curls until cool. 
  5. Brush out the curls using a vent brush and Working Hairspray to smooth flyaways. 
  6. For a volume boost, tease the roots using Airy Texture Spray for added height. 
  7. To finish the look and lock into place, use a light amount of Shaping Cream to smooth hair and spray with Strong Hold Hairspray to hold in place for all of her performance.
    • Editor’s note: ICYMI, Lana made it to the stage for her set astride a motorcycle sans helmet and there wasn’t a hair out of place!

Planning to recreate Lana’s throwback look for your clients, or for yourself? We want to see! Tag @readthetease on Instagram or TikTok.

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